My 100th Blog Post!!

Gil Congrats Call

Here it is. Finally.

To celebrate this moment I have posted the video below – My Recent Congrats Call – from Misha Wilson my mentor and instructor in building a profitable online business. He called me on Skype to congratulate me on reaching the $2,000 a month milestone after only 4 months with The Super Affiliate Network.

This website was created so people, with no experience, could get started online building a livelihood and an income stream that will sustain them for life. In the name of The Laptop Lifestyle this website now has 100 blog posts. Explore the site. Investigate for yourself what it would take, for those that are really serious, to make your first Six Figures Online.

A new life awaits. Click Here.


My Congrats Call: Oct. 1st, 2016.



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