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Tips to help with your Internet Marketing.

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Misty Mountains

  The thing about Internet Marketing is that it is changing all the time, so you have to regularly learn new skills and new platforms. Ideally you will get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It might be the difficulties of blogging or the difficulties with a website. Its tough!   Not a Barrier This is not a…

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Content is King

You can’t trick Google anymore. Personally I never wanted to do that anyway. I just wanted to publish content that came from me and my experiences online. I didn’t want to plagerise or rehash other people’s content. Effective Digital Marketing is about a 2 Fold Process.   1.Organic Marketing Sourcing FREE traffic is the bread…

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A Digital Life – The Benefits

  Having a Digital Lifestyle Business has many benefits. In my last 6 emails I explained the major ones. If you want to get my emails just Click Here and put in your Email Address. The Benefits Here they are again, just to summarise: 1. Time With your Kids. 2. You can Make Lots of Money…

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How to Be On Camera

Cat with orange eyes

When Making Videos.. Is it possible to talk to your best friend when on camera? Making videos for marketing purposes is on Fire. We all watch and consume video online and its only getting bigger and bigger. Facebook will be 50% video apparently by 2017. Anyone can create a Youtube Channel. Have you seen all…

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Employ Yourself

Digital Coffee

Online Marketing Jobs are booming. But don’t run social media for someone else. Don’t run campaigns for someone else. Don’t be a web developer. RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You have the skills. Capitalise financially on everything you can already do. If working online is something new to you – then you too should WATCH THE VIDEO below.…

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Millionaire Secrets

Millionaire Boots

How do these People Think? They say that money is  All In The Mind. IF that is true, how does that translate for the successful? What do they think about & how do they think about it? Click on this article from I thought it was worth a share.   Work Smart. Be Free.

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Something Better

    What if there was Something Better? Out there for you? Its lovely question to entertain and one that separates the dreamers from the realists. But for me this question was a Cry For Help. Do you feel this need to find something better for you?   I was frustrated with acting in Sydney,…

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Make Money & a Difference

    How Rare is this? I would say in the past 15 years – Very. We live in an age where the majority of people have jobs that they are less than satisfied with. So much so I would even say that most people hate their jobs. Most people go to work with a…

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Quit the Rat Race

Quit the Rat Race       Most office workers are working really hard just to maintain their jobs. Many don’t even have the thought  “quit the rat race”. The idea that they do in fact have a job and so will most likely not be re-trenched is FALSE. They have to prove themselves everyday…

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Why You Need a Lifestyle Business

Laptop on a Beach

  When defining a lifestyle business, I’m talking about a business that enables you to really live the type of lifestyle you truly want to live. This kind of lifestyle business I’m talking about can really and quite frankly be achieved online. I say this because starting an online business enables you to start cheaply and…

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