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Tips to help with your Internet Marketing.

Quit the Rat Race

Quit the Rat Race       Most office workers are working really hard just to maintain their jobs. Many don’t even have the thought  “quit the rat race”. The idea that they do in fact have a job and so will most likely not be re-trenched is FALSE. They have to prove themselves everyday…

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Why You Need a Lifestyle Business

Laptop on a Beach

  When defining a lifestyle business, I’m talking about a business that enables you to really live the type of lifestyle you truly want to live. This kind of lifestyle business I’m talking about can really and quite frankly be achieved online. I say this because starting an online business enables you to start cheaply and…

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The Life of a Young Entrepreneur

The Life of a Young Entrepreneur     It’s Kool to be an Entrepreneur.   People all over the world are starting and creating their own businesses and taking their ideas to market on the internet. Its not just me banging on about it. It’s part of a new wave. It is indeed The Age…

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Separate Time From Money

Separate Time From Money   When you work a job – you trade your time for the money they pay you. Want more money, get better at what you do and serve better. Add value. Ask for a raise at the Christmas party. Meanwhile the company – of which you are a part of –…

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When Things Get Too Hot

When Things Get Too Hot – Swim Twice   Stress. Business Stress. How do we handle small business stress? When you create a Digital Marketing Business you have the wonderful possibility of working on it all the time. Whenever you are free. The temptation becomes huge to work on it 24/7. Working from home. Working…

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Think Like an Entrepreneur not an Employee.

  Richard Branson is someone to learn from. This interview he covers a wide range of topics, not least of which how to succeed in business as an Entrepreneur. Mentors everywhere will bang on about mindset. Have the right mindset before you start a business and go for it. Think Like an Entrepreneur not an Employee.…

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How to Build an Online Business from Scratch

How to Build an Online Business from Scratch.   The World has Indeed Changed. Today you can do so much as an individual that has no prior experience or no connections to speak of. A small investment can go so far. You can learn from anyone. Even from someone on the Island of Mauritius.  …

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SFM REVIEW   THE SIX FIGURE MENTORS – Internet Marketing Franchise Opportunity Here is a great review of the SFM by Real People. These people have just finished one of the live events they have for the SFM that happen around the world. There is one going on in Melbourne right now, unfortunately I can’t…

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2 Hour a Day Business

2 Hour a Day Business Wouldn’t you love to run a business on 2 hours a day?       Well you Can. In 2015 & beyond. With an Online Affiliate Marketing Business you absolutely can. Because you can scale your customer base very easily. And at the end of the day, customers is all…

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Everyone is Overwhelmed

Everyone is Overwhelmed.   It’s not just YOU. I was having Lunch today solo. Eating a fine example of a Lebanese plate, with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Nice. I was eaves-dropping on these 4 young guys having a conversation about work. All of them were saying they were overwhelmed and over-extended at…

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