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Elon Musk work ethic

  Elon Musk work ethic   This man is a self-made Billionaire. In case you don’t know he made up Paypal, developed a serious super-car called a Tesla that is electric and he is keen on space travel. He is  quirky dude, but he is a beautiful combination of a brilliant thinker and a sensitive…

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Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Review

Tony Robbins Smile

 One thing. To Do. In Life. “Live with Passion.”     anthony robbins. Way back when I was a young buck, I went to Anthony Robbins seminar called Unleash The Power Within. It was a seminar that ran from Friday night at 6pm till 5pm Monday afternoon. 12/13 hr days on both Saturday and Sunday.…

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Digital Distraction

Digital Distraction   Actually living in the Digital Age is cutting ourselves off from the present. We need to address this situation and be pro-active rather than re-active. Use technology, don’t let it use you.     Young folk today hang with their phones as much as they do their flesh and blood friends. Its…

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Start an Online Business

    Why start an online business? Um…We Live in the Age of the Entrepreneur.. My partner is thinking, after a long period of skepticism of My SFM Business, she is thinking of starting a photography business – selling it online. Her Instagram account is going off, because she is using her camera more and…

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What have you got to lose?

  What have you got to lose? I mean Really! The Digital Lifestyle Business opportunity that I am offering you is second to none. And if you are serious, then you can do it. 100%. How can I say that with confidence?   The Commissions are Ridiculous. Yes the money on the back end after…

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Choice Do you ever over-think things? Do you ever analyse the shit out of something? Do you ever get stuck with the paralysis of analysis?   Thats me. I do it all the time. I have been told I have a meticulous mind. That is not to say i am a genius. Rather, I just…

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? Not difficult to understand. What if you could sell other people’s products and get a commission without having touch anything? And what if you do that without having to SELL to anyone directly? You just let people know about stuff and you get deposits into your bank…

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A Business that you Love

A Business that you Love In the Digital Age that we now live in it is possible that anyone can have a Digital Business that they love. Now not everyone wants a Business. Many people would much rather have a Job. But the certainty of THE JOB just doesn’t exist anymore. The holiday pay, the…

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Internet Leverage

  Internet Leverage Many people have asked me whether the business of making money on the internet is real or not. I guess all of them don’t question whether there are in fact people making money via internet leverage but rather whether it is legitimate, reliable and possible for the average person. There seems to…

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The World at your Fingertips.

The World at your Fingertips.   Being an Actor can be hard. You have to be self-disciplined and drive so much of your own career, every day, every morning. One of the biggest barriers is WHAT TO DO with all the spare time. Typically you get a job and earn average money and then lose…

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