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I am no expert.

But I am observant. If I see something online that could benefit my readers, I have to share it. How to Flirt With Women. This particular topic is something most men have struggled with at some point in time. And yes some men are naturally good at this too. Some men are naturally good at talking to women full stop. Is it because they don’t care or they had a good relationship with their mother?

For women reading this that just don’t understand this male dilemma, read on. When we want to get close to you, we have to make an impression. We have to charm the pants off you. The problem comes when we know that rejection from a woman is easy for her to deliver and very painful for us receive. So we compliment you on your looks but then we run the risk of coming off sleazy. Too fresh. Then the other extreme that women are hard for us to read anyway, because we are from Mars and you are from Venus. So we need a technique, not a pickup line.

Now what if a woman knows a man is doing this technique..


They read this article and then they get this treatment with nice man right in front of them. Will they still be happy, even though they know they are being played to some degree.  YES. Why? Because they would’ve been charmed. Don’t believe me? Well when was the last time you told a woman she looks good or her outfit is beautiful or they have lost weight and it has not brought a smile?

In the modern world the art of flirting has been lost somewhat. The sport of flirting has lost its carefree nature and now it always considered to be driven towards a sexual outcome. Or Perhaps its because of over political correctness. Perhaps its because of an over emphasis of the physical and therefore you just need a rock hard body to pull the babes. Whatever the reason I felt a fear that charm is a lost art.

So with the lure of getting and keeping the attention of women we are attracted just too delicious; and because all straight men should know a bit about this, young or old; and because women need to be woo-ed and charmed just helps move socially; and because it might help a man’s career – below is a video that dissects a technique We All can give a shot.

This will help both straight men and straight women. For both of us. This a good thing. Think of it as a social blue-tak that can bind men and women together. Whether that ends up in someone getting to go to bed with a woman of desire is simply, by the by…



So here is the help.

Work Smart. Be Free.

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