Style can be Cultivated

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Do you Enjoy Fashion?


Style can be very rewarding.

We live in a time where people are obsessed with their bodies but how often are you naked in public? Most of the time, lol, you are wearing clothes. With clothes you can dress yourself to look a certain way and really, anyone can look amazing if you master the art of your own style.

Understanding clothes takes an interest, that is all. You just need to be aware. If you pass a clothes shop then you can go in there and look at what you would buy – if you were on a buying day. But just the fact that you are looking for what could look good on you, means you sense of style is growing.

Obviously some are better than others at this, but for me if I focus on it and really get organised with my wardrobe -do a cull, trial different combinations – my dressing goes up and I look good and feel good. When I use to work as a teacher going in everyday I really wanted to not repeat myself for a whole month. People get used to certain outfits that you wear and you just need to mix it up. Johnny Depp – obviously someone to follow on this – said that it is ok to be different. So we need to be BRAVE to trial different things. Start small and build to bigger and bigger changes. This shirt with those pants. A scarf over a t-shirt. Vareity. That is the only way you are going to see an new outfit pop that is from the clothes that you already have.


Style can be cultivated

A sense of style can be cultivated. 100%. That is the message here. Enjoy clothing. Because it does not matter what you were born with. It doesn’t matter if you are fat. Alfred Hitchcock was a large man but he was also a Stylish Gent. If your wardrobe is interesting then you will ADD COLOUR TO THE WORLD.

Find your own look and ask yourself Does it Go? Does it look good?

One of the tricks or truisms I have found is that you should combine two opposites in every outfit. Here we have a man wearing a tie, cardy and jeans. For this man it works. He will have power where-ever he goes with this because he has the GUTS to dress interestingly and this creativity that the world wants right now. In our careers we are constantly asked to think outside the square. HOW? – 2 opposites in everything.

You don’t need to fall into some trend – like hipster or anything. The point here is to give a shit about what you wear and don’t just put it on auto-pilot. Put your own finger-print into your outfits and enjoy it!


Style can be cultivated

Look at this photo of Mr Beckham. This works brilliantly because he has the juxtaposition of the tatts and the waistcoat. The formal and the feral can co-exist and when they do it provides depth to the image. He also has a stubble and bangles! Who would think of bangles for a man to wear? That only comes from taking risks and being creative with what you wear. Something to learn from..

The other manifestation of this truism of juxtaposing opposites is with sexy women photos. The best images the ones that make the covers of magazines are the ones that 2 things in the one shot. So if the body is sexy then the face or the mouth will be innocent. If the body is formal and conservative – then the face has a strong come-fuck-me look. That gives the image depth. If gives us 2 things to enjoy  – not just one.


Style can be cultivated

I mean look at Mr Pitt here. Muscles, Abs and a Dress! And women’s sunglasses! Now obviously he couldn’t wear this out but it illustrates the point that to get a look to be classic it needs to have 2 levels. This images pops even though it is probably 10-12 years old.

The point here is give your choices depth by combining 2 different items in the one outfit.

Its a simple trick. Grab a t-shirt and wear it with trousers – not jeans. Grab a long sleeve shirt and wear it with shorts. Wear thongs with trousers. Wear a cap with a skivvy before you go out in the cold. Binny and a t-shirt?

Tatts and clerical glasses. MASH the informal and the formal together and add a dash of colour and you will ADD COLOUR TO OUR WORLD.

Style can be Cultivated

Lastly, don’t forget shoes. Shoes are seen by women. They notice. Your mates may not but its is important that they match. A good outfit can be ruined by the wrong shoes. I see it all the time when i go out and guys are all dressed up on a Saturday night and they get the shoes wrong but everything else is great. Try not to do that.

So when do you wear brown shoes? Educate yourself.

Watch the video below from The Gentlemen’s Gazette. A great source to learn about classic style.



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Work Smart. Be Free.

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