2 Hour a Day Business

2 Hour a Day Business

Wouldn’t you love to run a business on 2 hours a day?





Well you Can. In 2015 & beyond.

With an Online Affiliate Marketing Business you absolutely can. Because you can scale your customer base very easily. And at the end of the day, customers is all that matters. Yes, you will need a bigger budget. Yes you may need to use a sales strategy that is already proven. But it is possible. In the offline world you can’t just expand your business by 10 times – without first building infrastructure and mechanisms to process that kind of customer activity. Online all you have to do is spend more on advertising. Perfectly Scaleable. The company who owns the product will do all the closing and the delivering of the product. You are just the Affiliate.

Because of that – this is a Business that can be reduced in the amount of time you spend working it. You are leveraging another company’s infrastructure and you are leveraging the internet: which has an unending supply of customers/ traffic.

2 hour a Day Business


Building a Business with the SFM is the perfect way to ride the wave of this new Digital economy. You sell their products and all you have to do is send them customers. Don’t get me wrong, its not easy. It takes about 6 months of hard work to set everything up and learn all the basic internet marketing skills. But after 6 months you are all set!

You can wake-up on that day and spend 2 hours a day – every day – 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year – and that is all you have to do to run a 6 figure business.

2 Hour a Day Business

So what do you do in those 2 hours?

First Hour – Paid Advertising

In this hour you review how your Ad/ Ads are travelling. They have been running all night by the way – 24/7 365 days a year. They have been generating leads for you while you slept. You analyse the cost per lead and you either tweak the Ads (change one thing about them) or you stop the Ad and start a new campaign. Either way an hour a day is enough time for you analyse, tweak and re-launch campaigns. Building an Online Business with the SFM is about consistency and really the only rules you have to follow when running your paid advertising is to stick with the monthly budget you have set, no matter what and to stick to one form of advertising, so as to master it. Those forms of advertising could be Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Adwords, Banner ads, Solos Ads, Bing Ads and Article/forum marketing.

Second Hour – Provide Value

Once you are building your list of email subscribers from your Ads, you then have to communicate with them and build trust. Trust is everything on the internet. And the way you build trust as an authority in your field is you provide consistent value to your list week in week out. When they see that you are delivering content to them on a systematic consistent basis, they see that you are a legitmate business and they feel confident buying from you.

So the way I provide value is to Write. In that second hour no matter what. I either write a Blog Post (as you are reading now) or I write a Broadcast Email just for my subscribers. Both endeavours educate and inform people on whats possible with the SFM Business model, what is possible in the Digital Economy and general living in the modern age advice that hopefully is of interest to all the HUMANS on your list.


Apple Laptop

So there is your 2 hour a Day business.

One hour of Advertising and one hour of Writing. The SFM Affiliate Systems take care of everything else.

Now this is the bare minimum. You may want to create a new campaign, which is going to take research. You may want to create your own product or you may want to produce some education videos for your Youtube Channel. But this is not neccessary.

All you need to do to build your business with the SFM – after a 6 month learning period – is put in 2 hours a day.


Thats 14 hrs a week. That is part-time work. But you can’t skip a day. That is the only catch. Add to that the fact that you don’t have to travel to and from work and the fact that you can travel anywhere with Your Laptop and still be in business and you have ONE GREAT LIFESTYLE. To earn 5k. 10k, 20k, 50k a month on the internet – takes no more extra work. Two 25 year olds in our community from Perth are earning 50k a month and they plan on growing it. It just takes a bigger advertising budget – which you get back within 3-4 months anyway.

If you want, take that risk, trust your instinct and Click Here to Find Out More.

You will be so glad you did.

2 Hour a Day Business


Work Smart. Be Free.


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