3 Steps to Succeeding in an Online Business

3 Steps to Succeeding in an Online Business


3 steps to Succeeding in an Online Business comes with a overarching caveat. You have to keep it simple. There is a plethora of overwhelm online about what to do and how to do it when it comes to getting customers. I believe that alot of people that don’t have the right training behind them are very SCARED. Scared that whatever they build is going to change over-night. Scared that what they are doing is outdated. Scared of who to trust to teach them Digital Skills. Scared they won’t survive. Thats what this post is trying to alleviate.

So Lets do this.

3 steps to creating a successful Digital Business utilising the leverage of the Internet. This is coming from someone who is living this plan. Myself.


STEP 1 – Have a Great Mentor

When I started to take action online, I had no idea that I wanted an Internet Business. I just knew that I wanted a Business. I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to start making great money. I wanted to stop being a schmuck. The only way to build wealth is to have your own business and if nothing else, to pay less tax.

Having no experience in Business (other than listen to my grandfather yack on about his every-time i see him) I knew that something step-by-step from people who had been there – was the way to go. To be honest I thought it would never happen.


I thought I’m an Actor, how can I ever have a Business on the side?


Then one night on Youtube I saw this video:


I somehow felt Stuart Ross was a great leader and sincere and that the education program he has got, offers great value to anyone who wants to be financially independent and self employed by Laptop alone. That was it. I just said to myself: “If I do just one step at a time, regularly, every single day, I am going to understand most of it and will be able to work online, one day”. This meant total freedom where i wasn’t at the mercy of being made redundant by an employer – for the rest of my life.


Stuart Ross & The Six Figure Mentors

What I have been learning at The Six Figure Mentors as an Elite member is not only Online Marketing skills thought by top guys in the industry but also setting up the right mindset, how to attract the right people into my business. The thing is that most often you attract people similar to you. So to attract good, quality people you must be a quality person first, and yes, learning from the SFM webinars and other members of the SFM community… the result is that many of my online customers are now becoming my best friends around the world, from Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, the UK and NZ.


STEP 2 – Giving Massive Value First

What is my first step to Give massive value?
I simply give away a FREE SFM 7-day Video Training Series about Online Marketing, an introductory educational program worth of $497, to people who have a desire to make something out of their lives  – to people who are mostly very similar to the person I was.

Ok, there are also well-established businessmen interested in this video series, some of them with great income already, who just want to learn marketing skills to promote their existing business. In that FREE 7-day video training, you can see what possibility and flexibility a Digital Lifestyle can offer to you – namely being able to work anywhere in the world with a Laptop only.

3 Steps to Succeeding in an Online Business



STEP 3 – High Ticket Products

This is Key. If you are an affiliate for, let’s say, some books on Amazon, just imagine how many books you have to promote to get a decent income. So many sales need to be made each month. So many new customers you would need to find online each month.

SFM elite cardBut if you are an Affiliate of high-quality educational programs like the ones Six Figure Mentors have then you can get High Ticket commissions. What does that mean? As an Elite member of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Expert Academy, I can get commissions $1.000+ for a single product.

Why did I write high-quality educational programs in bold when describing the SFM educational products? Because I am using them not only promoting them. And obviously they work well, as long as I am prepared to work, too.



So that’s it.

Have a Great Mentor, Give Massive Value First and Sell High Ticket Items.

That is how you are able to make 10k a month and beyond. SFM pays out commissions that seem to good when you first get them, but when you understand that they don’t need the quick buck, they have the leverage of the internet and are able to sell to the whole world. They pay up to 50% commissions even though they close the sale, give customer support and deliver on the product itself.

Click Here for more information on the SFM Commission Structure.

Here’s Me & Stuart at the Sydney SFM Event Nov 2014.

3 steps to Succeeding in an Online Business


If you have any questions or opinions just make a comment below. I will get back to you – because that is one of the tenets of Business Online – give massive value first.


If you want to find out more just  CLICK HERE.






Work Smart. Be Free.


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