A Business With Low Risk

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I would like to tell you that my business, is a business with LOW risk.

Why & How can I say this?

Well the first thing I ask myself is this…

How much can I lose?

Well what if all of a sudden this offer doesn’t convert or doesn’t sell at all. For some reason the internet changed its rules and individuals were no longer allowed to advertise. If you can imagine that then good luck to you, because given the advertising revenue that would be lost to platforms like Google and Facebook, I can not imagine that happening.

So How Much Can I Really Lose?

At this point in my business I can only lose what I re-invest in advertising. Thats it.

Anything else..

I can lose how much I paid for the Franchise and thats $2,500. So I suppose if ALL GOES BELLY UP then I will lose that $2,500. But thats what I spent to have the right to make money in the first place. Its like an online licence. And I have already made money from that, so that to me, is a ONE OFF.


So really, right now, the bottom line is this:

  • If I spend money on advertising today, I will only lose that money, and nothing else: if that makes No Sales.
  • Lets say I spend $500 on Solo Ads. Then I will lose that.

BUT – with this system I have never run a set of Ads with no sales coming through, but lets just imagine that does happen – for a moment.

ALL IS NOT LOST. I have a bunch of email addresses!! And that my friends is your asset online – for life.

When you have a list you can build a relationship with that list and then send them offers which, at some stage in the future, they can buy and enjoy. Everyone buys online and if you match a product to people’s needs they will buy – particularly if they are on your list and they trust you; which they will because you email them with good content regularly.

So you see even if you spend a whole lot of money on advertising and make no front-end sales initially, then you still are building a list. Many people need to see your offer for months or even, in extreme cases, years, before they opt-in and buy.

So this really is a business with no risk.


Here’s a Business WITH RISK.

Imagine you open a Coffee Shop. 

If that fails here’s a list of what you will lose..

  • $1000s you spent on paint and furniture
  • $1000s on carpets or wall hangings
  • $1000s you spent on air-conditioning
  • $1000s you spent on food
  • $1000s you spent on a coffee machine
  • $1000s you spent on electronic equipment
  • $1000s you spent on chairs and tables
  • $1000s you spent on wages
  • $1000s you spent on insurance

The list goes on and on…You will be left with a BIG DEBT.

Maybe $50,000. Maybe more…

A Business With Low Risk

Compare with an Online Business.

Franchise: $2,500

Advertising: Minimum $100-200 a month.  Thats it!

This is a business with zero risk. Now if you try and you pull out after 12 months then you will have Gained an Email List (which you can transfer to another business) and you will have gained an Online Marketing Education – which moving forward, is going to become almost essential to survive the transition to The Digital Age, no matter what your profession is.


See if an online business with The Super Affiliate Network is for you.


A Business with Low Risk


If you doubt any of this, please read the comment below from a friend on Facebook that she posted last year, when I was just getting started. She lists everything that she put in to make an offline business work.



Work Smart. Be Free.

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