A Message from Stuart Ross

A Message from Stuart Ross


This is my mentor. I love this video. A Message from Stuart Ross. It has pulled me through when I have struggled in my Online Business. Building an Online Business with us at the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is great. The community is huge and wonderful. Stuart Ross is the boss. He is the man who created SFM and Jay Kubassek created DEA. But this video from Stuart, is from his high rise apartment in Miami. This is home after 5 years travelling the world. It just shows you that the SFM is real. It is really a kick-up the bum video. He talks about how success with our SFM Digital Franchise will not just happen. Unless you turn-up for your Business regularly every day. It also shows you that this is not a scam. This is transparent. He talks about the fallability of this system. It can fail. Because the individual may not have the habits to build a business like a professional. The internet is full with diversion and rabbit holes to fall under. But if you can ignore all that White Noise and just focus on your Business with the Blueprint given to you – anybody can replace their income in 6 months of the right habits. The Problem is People either get diverted by some new shiny object that is advertised to them on Facebook and spend months learning that and then change again. Or it because they doubt themselves or the system to make money. They Fear It basically. They Fear Success. They may need to do some work on that dreaded word – Mindset. But it is true. You may need to visualise the goals for SFM every morning to clear any hobgoblins that crop up as you try to do something new – like build a business online. I know it did for me. Watch the video below and just absorb the kind of community help you get with the SFM – even from the man at the top of the company. Yes it is in his interest for you to succeed, but really he has enough money. He has told me personally over a beer that he got bored of travelling the world and not connecting to society. This is his motivation. Truly helping people become financailly independent by tapping into the Great Machine that is The Internet.


A Message from Stuart Ross



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  1. Stuart is genuine enough to give a damn about his affiliates. When you understand that people who have made it need a reason to get out of bed. They need a mission otherwise life gets boring. Thats where Stu is at. The great thing about SFM is they give you an opportunity to do both at the same time: make money and contribute to others in a life changing way. Pretty Rare I reckon.

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