Actor Moneyball

Having a Digital Business, running a Laptop Business – making a solid income from the internet – while you CHASE YOUR ACTING CAREER – really comes down to a monetary investment.

I am going to spell it out to you.

  1. The Super Affiliate Network  (SAN) offers a 100% Digital Franchise that you run and operate yourself from a Laptop.
  2. They Give you an Online Education – that you learn through self paced modules.
  3. You Re-Sell SAN as a platform to anyone who wants to Learn Digital Marketing
  4. All you do is get an Email address. SAN does all the selling, support and maintaining.
  5. They pay you a commission on every person that purchases SAN.
  6. They pay you a re-curring commission, for as long as that person stays with SAN – Passive Income.
  7. They give you a website, a community and on-going/ cutting edge training in Digital Marketing Techniques to build your brand online.
  8. You attend Webinars once a week to give you updates on any tech changes and to keep you motivated.

You have a Business. You are an Actor.


It is a Business. It needs to be thought of in that way.

Are you going to do workshops forever? Are you going to wait for your agent to call?

Don’t do it to yourself.

No-one cares about your new headshot. No-one cares really about your new showreel edit. All that matters is how you sell yourself to Casting Directors. All that matters is that you get an audience and increasingly that is achieved online. Full stop end of story.

You are a Business. You need to make and build relationships. Same as the Pilates coach at the gym. Same as the coffee shop that you hit for a latte after your audition. Same as the Acting School you do drop in classes with.

So. How are you going to sell YOU the ACTOR? Self-promotion?


Simple. Done.

The SFM will teach you how to sell yourself online and, while you learn how to package yourself for acting work you earn $1000 plus commissions.

Yes that’s right.

What it Costs:

  1. $37 a month Subscription fee – recurring
  2. $2,500 Franchise Fee – one off

So that’s about $2500 to get started – which will take you about 12 weeks, to put all the systems in place.


Sounds alot? But here’s..


What you Earn for Every Person who joins at that level

  1. $200 joining fee – one time
  2. $20 a month – every month (for doing no more work)
  3. $1000 Franchise Fee – one time

So YOU MAKE $1200 & $20 a month for the rest your life – for every person that joins SAN. And all of that is in US dollars.

And thats just your first customer. Do 4 of them a month – on 2 hrs a day – and you make 5k.

Now can you live off $1000 a week and be a full-time actor?

CLICK HERE TO – Learn More


Work Smart. Be Free.

6 thoughts on “Actor Moneyball”

    1. Thanks Toni. Yes I think it is relevant to everyone and the sooner people realise that, the better off they will be. Jay Kubasek’s video on the Digital Economy and how its the only boat sailing high and handsome, while the traditional boat is like the Titanic – is the perfect analogy. Learn Digital Marketing. One of the safest thing’s you can do. Cheers Toni.

  1. Before starting my own business, I have no idea that marketing is such a crucial component in any business. If you have the best product but no one knows it. Its doesn’t matter! Great stuff Gil!

    1. Yes it is the best product Daniel. Six Figure Mentors is franchise product that does all the closing and customer support for you. All you have to do is send them interested leads. Its amazingly hands-off if you want it to be. Cheers and check out my post on Elon Musk – think you’d enjoy it.

  2. great informational post with good analogy in to Internet Market….well explained & well expressed. So many know nothing about what you do yet the want the dream. You either keep doing it the traditional way or you change & change your circumstances……take action & believe

  3. True Nik. Now is the best time in history to change your circumstances. Imagine telling a man that he can move up in class in just a few short years of working on the internet in the 19th century? Take action is right.

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