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This is really important. I have been told that I look young for my age and its true I do look younger than I am and thats being objective. Some would say I am lying when i say my real age. I certainly look younger than any of my classmates from school. How have i done this?


I have always been a someone who enjoys sleep. Rest is the cornerstone of dynamic action. Want to perform better then get enough rest. The whole body functions better when you do. I have always wanted a nap in the afternoon. I have done this since I was a kid. I believe in beauty sleep.

Just recently I have not slept like normal and I am pretty sure it is due to age. As you get older sleeping soundly for 8 hours is not automatic. And that maybe the case for the rest of my life. But thats ok as long as I have a way of slowing down and relaxing. I have resorted to this video below to re-balance my sleep pattern. Recommend this if any of you are struggling with sleep – kids? work? stress? future? All those grown up worries you didn’t have in your 20’s? Well I can’t take them away but I can suggest that you –


Better Sleep

Please tell me what you think – Do we really need a FULL 8 HRS of sleep?


Work Smart. Be Free.




5 thoughts on “Better Sleep”

    1. Each to their own. I need 8. Possibly more. Just depends. I knew a man who got 6 hrs a night at best. Worked his heart out 100 hours a week. But he did age alot in the 4 years that I knew him. Look after yourself is the name of the game. What-ever that means for you.

    2. Wonderful beginning summary of a topic often lacking in discussion. A must-read for potential clients /and/ beginning phrgatropheos! Thanks for posting Jenika, looking forward to part II. :]

  1. at the end of the day, this is one activity the everyone overlooks let alone understand. You're either too stubborn & don't rest well or too lazy & sleep all But rest assured, sleep is the body & minds time for recovery.... great tip bro

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