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Better Blogging – explained

Blogging IS something that requires a format. A do’s and don’ts. So many sites I have been to – for a second – and swiftly clicked away. You have 10 seconds to get readers to stay. The look of a website must be pleasing to the eye. The Eye is determined by whatever problem the person that comes to your site is trying to solve. So if your content does solve their problem but it is masked by too much advertising, or clashing colours or too many video’s that CLUTTER the site, that reader will highly likely turn away and never return. Not a path to better blogging.

Let us in. Ever heard that before? Well if you are honest then people will identify with that. Blogs need to have some of your personality in them. That’s what makes them interesting, and the best way to do that is to write from personal experience. Let us in to your head a bit, with the proviso that you only share what you feel comfortable with others reading.

Better Blogging – grabbing

Start with a strong visual grab that hooks people in.  Images are great for grabbing the attention of viewers. That can be something that tells a story. If you look at an image and it captures a moment, then it is likely that you could tell a back story to that image. That is the picture to go with. Aim to have a image to go with all your blogs. So the key here is to break it all up – not just all text. Or even better, forget about words sometimes: Just use an image and a few words as a blog every so often. To keep up your posts and website ranking, this will be a path to better blogging.

The way a blog is designed -formatting – is important. Think about the layout of your blog. How does it look? Using breaks between your sentences can make them easier to read. Breaking up clumps of information into paragraphs can help a reader skim through. Remember you are providing a service, so ADD VALUE. Using tags to make your blog easier to find is also really important. This is will be an external organising tool that creates a funnel to your content. Think about what people may search for and add that as a tag. It is a marketing skill that you should continue to cultivate. What do people want and how do they try to find it on Google..

Still feel insecure on your writing style or not quite sure if you are on the right track? Then write like how you speak. Use voice and words unique to you. Sometimes reading your writing out loud allows you to get a feel of your online voice. You can feel a bit silly at first, but it really helps. Or better, record yourself explaining the problem in a clear conversational style and then goto a Word file and type it in. That way you know it will be engaging and not convoluted or boring. Much better blogging.

Blogging and Thinking
I Blog to Think

As for as what to write about, just focus on what you love. It’s easy to write about : the things you adore or your interests. Everybody is an expert on something. So why bore your spouse about it. Put it into a blog so that your thoughts and expertise will be read by someone with like interests. A captive audiience is almost guarranteed with targeted traffic.

Finally, you really need to keep it regular. Aim for two blog posts a week, especially if you are starting a new blog. The more you blog the easier it gets. Many people start with the best of intentions and don’t stick with it and get distracted, before the  social proof can come back at them. So don’t. Set a goal of 2/3 per week and your site will grow in the search engines. Allow comments on your site after a blog post. Again this helps with the social proof that people are reading your stuff and forming an opinion. That will encourage you.

You can highlight other people in related field or unrelated field.  While a blog is your web log, don’t get to bogged down writing about yourself. People you meet and those that inspire you and why, are interesting as well. Sometimes it can be easier to sing another’s praises. Your enthusiasm for their work is actually coming from you anyway. There may be someone else out there that needs just that role model that you have been storing.

Hope that helps and enjoy blogging. Its a wonderful place to express yourself.

Better Blogging

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