Build Your Emotional Bicep


emotional bicep


Tony Robbins – the world’s most successful Life Coach – biggest message or success technique is this. You can control your emotional state. You can develop an emotional muscle that creates Your Day to Day Emotional Life. He does pre-face this with saying that everything we chase, everything we want is an Emotion.

That car you want. That lover you wish for. That Business you dream of. That body you work for. Its all about the emotion we think we will feel when we have it. Which is why so many people say, after achieving a goal, is that all there is? And they either move onto something else or get depressed and go down hill for awhile. People who were very successful when they were young say that that can’t help them now, because no matter how old they are, they want success now. You can’t live off memories.

So if you agree with Tony Robbins that we all are chasing an emotional state – then how can we cultivate that? How can build that into our lives? How can we engineer happiness, excitement and fullfilment rather than just hoping they show up? In this video he absolutely shows us that we create our emotions and therefore our lives.




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  1. great blog......brilliant message not many people think of let alone understand. It surely is a journey not overnight success like it's always being said.....& yet people wonder why it's not happening for them.

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