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I am a Creative Person.

The best I do is when I create stuff. I am a little bit analytical but I get bogged down by the technical or by making things FIT into a certain mould. Particularly ones that everyone else follows. I never started out as a business person, but my old man was a businessman. A very good one who came from nothing and had the brains to become an expert in international finance and trading.

That’s not me.

I am an Actor. I am a Teacher. My talents lie in a different part of the brain.

For many people like me, a “business”  has been out of reach and just a world that they would never enter, let alone thrive in. But today we have this thing called an..

 Internet Marketing Business.

To thrive in this environment it helps if you are Personal. Its even better if you are Creative. Why?

Well the reason is most of what I do, in running my business, is CREATE.

What exactly? I write emails. I make videos. I edit them. I find images and post them on social media. I think up ways to reach people on Instagram. I try to inspire people. I tell stories to get those with a little interest in The Laptop Life to make the jump, spend a $1 and get access to our Internet Business System.

This is perfect for the non-business person. You don’t spend long hours pouring over contracts. You don’t spend hours taking other suits out to lunch or dinner. You don’t spend hours doing accounts or creating your own products.

All you do is reach people, teach them, inspire them and back them up when they are struggling.

Anyone artist can do this. Anyone can do this. Period.

Create Content.

Do you like to Write?

Do you like to Take Selfies?

Do you like to Post Stuff on Social Media?

Do you like to Connect with People?

If so, YOU can make a very good living out of doing this.

You can start a business that all the other work – delivering products, providing technical support, creating new products etc… IS DONE FOR YOU. All you have to do is get and keep customers. In this day and age, increasingly, that is done with the personal touch and it is done with originality & honesty. Write a blog post. Make a Youtube video. Create a following on Instagram. These are the activities that gets customers and keeps them. A creative person is great at this.

And why shouldn’t they earn big dollars? Business people have had the running too long. Its time for the age of the artist – who turns their talents into pots of gold.

This is my mission.

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Work Smart. Be Free.

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