Can you have a Business around the Acting Business?


acting business handINCOME & SECURITY for the ACTOR…

Here is a little video from a friend of mine STUART ROSS where he discusses the ability to have a Digital Business around other life commitments. For Actors one thing we tend to have is Time but normally shy away from starting businesses because we are concerned that this will take over our lives. With this business you can Turn it ON & OFF as you do your Laptop.

Supreme Flexibility.

Watch Stuart below.





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This supreme flexibility does come at a price. You have to believe you can have a business (or an income stream) that goes with your Acting Business and will not interfere and can be run side by side. In fact the internet marketing skills you can learn here, once mastered, will eventually allow you to apply them to your acting business to kick start some interest in YOU the ACTOR.

You see the problem for an acting business is the same as any business. Customers. Learn how to get customers, earn as much income from it as you like and then apply it your most important product – YOU. So you can build both businesses at the same time. Income, Success & Being an Actor for life. This the plan. This is the opportunity that sits right in front of you. Join the digital age and..


So many Actors I know give up the acting business when life gets serious. That is why you can see so many more faces in the Actor’s Directory that are in their 20’s and not so many in their 50’s. The uncertainty of acting is exciting when you are young but when you are older it just becomes unfeasible, unfulfilling and totally demoralising because you can’t sustain yourself.

cat blogThe acting business is not for the faint hearted and I don’t care how successful you are – if being an actor is your sole identity, you have one great BIG PROBLEM. Having an Internet Marketing Business (that is run from a Laptop) on the side – will keep you in the game for as long as you want to be. It can give you the opportunity to audition anywhere in the world (and stay in hotels potentially) or you can raise a family of 4 and still be an actor. Its unheard of! Because you can close your laptop and go somewhere and audition. You are not bound to any geographical location. You are not bound to a workplace. Live an exciting life.


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