Content is King

You can’t trick Google anymore.

Personally I never wanted to do that anyway. I just wanted to publish content that came from me and my experiences online. I didn’t want to plagerise or rehash other people’s content.

Effective Digital Marketing is about a 2 Fold Process.


1.Organic Marketing

Sourcing FREE traffic is the bread and butter of my business. An example of this is what you are reading. For me it is all about ranking my website – my shop front. What am I selling? I am selling a Digital Franchise for people that want to create their own business that they run from anywhere in the world.

This marketing source is about original content. Remember – Content is King. Long blog posts, long tail keywords, entertaining reading, and finally saying something that hasn’t been said before – or saying something in a way that hasn’t been said before. A new perspective. That is what Dr Google is looking for. It is not looking for a quick way. The short cut guys are not likely to be rewarded in this day. Internet marketers in the past have given us a bad name. Some people online have been interested in the quick buck. In a swindle. In a scam. In a HACK.


Content Create

I am not advocating that. I am advocating the long term – more money in the longer run approach. YES it is slower in the long run. Yes it is diabolically hard to turn a profit in our first 3 months. BUT anything you do off-line takes work. Takes a period of sacrifice to learn new skills. So why should something you do online for an extra source of income be any different?


Hipster at a typewriter


Organic Marketing should be done in a manner that is not based on trying to hack Google. You should start strongly on what you want to write about and what you can add to the market place – for whatever keyword you are trying for.


2.Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing however should be done differently. It must be approached by reverse engineering. When you are spending dollars on a advertising campaign in the hope of finding a vein of gold that will spill leads into your Aweber account at consistent rate, you need to be doing all you can to find what your customers want and need.

This takes reverse engineering. This takes research. This is the only way.

Yes you can try original things. Yes you can be randomn in your headlines or your copy. But you ultimately will let the market decide what works and what doesn’t. You have to reverse engineer. Remember this is only to get eyeballs on your original content. Once this is done you can give visitors the personal touch. With this 2-pronged approach, you can GET TRAFFIC on a regular basis. A steady stream of leads. Even with a little money getting started.


Organic Traffic – Originality Driven

Paid Traffic – Reverse Engineer


Two different approaches for each type of marketing to get traffic in 2016. And beyond.

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Work Smart. Be Free.

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