Courage to Live an Extraordinary Life

Gil Colour

Courage is all you need.

I think it was a Woody Allen film that I first heard that. Can’t remember which film but the in some philosophical moment a character said that “the hardest thing and the most important thing, in life, is courage.”

I wholeheartedly agree with that. Maybe its been a personal issue for me. But I think not. I think that it is an issue for everyone.

As humans we are creatures of habit. To break habits we need courage. How else are you going to create the habits that will give you the change you want to see? To step out of your comfort zone takes either pain or incredible drive. I don’t see how you can get this drive without courage.

You need GUTS to go for what you want. You need guts to stick with it when the going gets tough. The easiest thing to do is to do what is expected of us and do what our parents did. So many people become their parents. I don’t want that. I want to take elements from my mum, my dad, my grandfather and my grandmother. And a little from my great, great uncle Sid. Never met him but he lived a pretty impressive life.


courage to lead an extraordinary life


When you want something invariably courage is what is stopping you. Courage to believe its possible. Courage to take action. Courage follow through. If you were really attracted to beautiful woman and you have some contact with her and its agreeable, what is stopping you from asking her out and romancing her?

If you see a business deal right in front of your eyes and you could do it if “you had the balls”…what is the only thing stopping you. Maybe its money. But how often in life do you decide to do something and the universe gives you something you need to get it done after you have committed?

This just happened to me today.

We wanted a trip to the UK for my family. But the cost.. We put it off for ages and ages. And then yesterday we just jumped in and said we-re doing it and mapped out the dates. The next day I picked up some extra income that made it totally possible!! How do you explain that?

We need to commit. We need to dive in with Total Courage.

That way and only that way, will we live lives of total passion, have extraordinary experiences and tick that bucket list off in its entirety.

Work Smart. Be Free.


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