Digital Distraction

Digital Distraction


Actually living in the Digital Age is cutting ourselves off from the present. We need to address this situation and be pro-active rather than re-active. Use technology, don’t let it use you.


Digital Distraction Boys


Young folk today hang with their phones as much as they do their flesh and blood friends. Its ok. Its not their fault. I am sure I would be no different if I was a teenager. But the digital age is not going away any time soon so we have to learn how to deal with it.

Routine. What is your daily routine? Do you check your notifications before you get out of bed?

When you are building your digital life, your digital marketing business, it is really important to get into a routine. For me thats getting up at 5am. As a Dad and a dog owner I get distracted from money producing activities all day long. My daughter calls for my attention very regularly and i don’t want to just stick the IPAD in front of her. She needs human attention – to get that smile that I am looking for. So I get up 5 am grab my coffee and do 2 hours of work that I know will make me money and build my brand online. When I am at my most alert.


When you are online its easy to get distracted too. When you are Building your Business with the SFM, you get distracted with your favourite social media. Facebook alerts, Instagram likes, Twitter feed or New Youtube videos. Too easy to float around on the Internet without a plan. You need a plan of what your want to achieve – each and every day. Succumbing to digital distraction is not that and you really have to check yourself. Because so much of our community fly around achieving not much – in their first 6 months online until they know better. Well YOU know better now – so heed the advice.

Digital Distraction

You have to be ruthless. Know what you want from an hour’s work and go out and do it. The Digital Lifestyle is meant to ENABLE YOUR ART – not deplete you from being in the moment and living life to the fullest. Technology can take away our time on this planet.



However I am advocating living The Laptop Lifestyle but build a business that enables your best life possible.

So with that in mind..


10 Tips to Build a Business without Digital Distraction:


  1. You have to be ruthless.
  2. Don’t check your Facebook.
  3. Don’t be a slave to your email.
  4. Don’t be on your phone all the time
  5. When you are having dinner with someone don’t check your phone at all
  6. Write blog posts offline
  7. Shoot and edit videos offline
  8. Switch off your wifi or data connection – regularly.
  9. Don’t get back to people not in the prescribed time you have alotted
  10. Switch off notifications that don’t matter or make them silent if they do.


Because you know what will happen. You will get distracted and you will feel that Sad Emptiness that internet can leave you with after hours of wasted time. This is a life skill we all have to learn & re-learn. Myself included.

Watch this video.




Work Smart. Be Free.


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  1. THANKS NIK. I feel this post is one of the most relevant on my site, because it affects us all. Keep watching, reading and commenting Mr Orsum.

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