Don’t Beat Yourself Up.

Don’t beat yourself up.

don't beat yourself up

Don’t beat yourself up. Why do i say that? Well, the most mentally tough people don’t do this.

Tony Robbins has a 10 Day Mental Challenge. He recommends going 10 days without hanging onto a negitive thought for longer than 2/3 mins. If you falter, then you have to start the challenge over again until you have gone 10 days without a big fat negitive moment. See his book Awaken the Giant Within for more details. We all indulge in feeling sorry for ourselves, but you don’t have to live there. So many people do. They beat themselves up without even knowing it. Clean out your mind, but choosing not to do this with any regularity or validity.

One thing we can learn from socio-paths, is that if you don’t question yourself – because thats what they don’t do – then you keep moving forward and can achieve amazing things.

dont beat yourself upHave you ever heard of Bernie Madoff. This man scammed $18 Billion from investors on the US Stock Exchange. 18 billion. That is a deed worthy of being sent to hell for the rest of eternity.

Nice people would never do that. Nice people would stop when they are trying to achieve things and question themselves. In that questioning of themselves – whether its for a moral good or whether its because of self doubt – doesn’t matter. A normal person endowed with a moral compass, a sensibility for humanity and perhaps a personal sensitivity, will question themselves and therefore would never get to that level of achievement. But the socio-path which this man clearly is, wouldn’t think about others for a second. All they care about is their own agenda, their own goals. IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS. Perhaps paedophiles are the same. The word sociopath means zero care for society. Many controlling types (mainly men i have to say) suffer from this.

What can we learn from this? Well my recommendation for the majority of people that do have a moral compass, is to NOT QUESTION YOURSELF. Don’t beat yourself up.

What is the good of it? If your goals are honourable and for the greater good – nothing wrong with making millions of dollars – if you plan to do good with it, then don’t question yourself. Don’t say I’m shit or i couldn’t do that or I can’t do it because of this that and the other. Because a socio-path is SO UP THEMSELVES they would never think to doubt themselves. So they don’t. They just move onto how they can dominate.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Many people I know are educated, fairly hard working, nice people that can talk about a range of topics over a dinner table – and yet they don’t achieve their dreams. They live compromised lives. Well…don’t live a compromised life.

GO FOR IT. And keep GOING even when you are racked with doubt. Channel a bit of Bernie Madoff – the crazy man that misplaced $18 billion of others people’s money into his own bank account. If he can do that, then you can achieve your goals and have your share of the good life.

EVEN WHEN YOU FUCK UP. Even when you totally screw up and you didn’t do something well or you chickened out of something, even then. Don’t worry. Don’t let it affect your confidence. I think thats the main thing. Don’t let it affect your confidence. Why should you?

don't beat yourself up

Is logic something that serves you? Most of the time, NO.

If you move toward your goal without beating yourself up ever, then you will build mental toughness. And why not? Maybe everyone else is wrong anyway. I believe that if you do this, then you will start building a new self esteem. A new identity.

You are only human and there is no LOGIC or REALITY out there that says whats what. There is only what happens. And if one man can steal 18 billion off of smart people, then anything is possible. Maybe even you. Marching ahead with lots of arrogance and cockiness that you are the Man, you are the Dame – that is going to utterly dominate and get what you want.

If nothing else, than because its YOUR TURN.

Work Smart. Be Free.

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