Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

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The thing about Internet Marketing is that it is changing all the time, so you have to regularly learn new skills and new platforms. Ideally you will get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It might be the difficulties of blogging or the difficulties with a website. Its tough!


Not a Barrier

This is not a barrier to making money consistently and long term, because if you are a part of an Affiliate Program that is thriving and legitimate, with members all around the world, new training will be shared on a regular basis, so you can learn and stay up to date.

In this way we ALL, as a community, can learn the new tweaks and twists to make to our marketing funnels work; so that the whole company doesn’t get left behind.

THE ONLY thing you need to do is take action on the training and learning programs. To do that you have to be patient and open minded. You can take the difficulties of blogging and turn that into a money machine by using the writing skills with daily emails to your list.


Further, when you hit a new online tool that you have to learn to use so that your business can run successfully, you need courage to NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FEARS. That is what it came down to for me. The fears that i didn’t know what i was doing is what made me do a hissy fit and say ‘this is too hard.’


It’s not too hard.

Its a piece of cake. All you need to know is WHERE TO CLICK. For anyone that has mastered something online its just because they have the knowledge of where to click. And they didn’t know until someone showed them! Training is the only barrier. Someone is in the know you just have to get to know them. And I am a great start, having done this for 3 yrs now..

Think about the last time you learned something. You were scared, you were uncomfortable and yet you pushed through to the other side and mastered it. Maybe it was driving a car. Maybe it was signing up to Facebook. Maybe it was changing a nappy. At the end of the day nothing is impossible for you to do. You just need to be shown how to do it- by the right person.


I think that is the difference for most people when they start online. Do they have the right coaching or not. With The SAN you are assigned a personal one-on-one coach that will take you through everything. And they are always there for as long you want. That is un-heard of online. No-one else is offering that.

So get comfortable… with being uncomfortable. That is what it takes to build your self a business with your laptop.


Work Smart. Be Free.

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