Go For What You Want

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“Life, and I think this happens to all of us, drags us into Problems & Challenges.”

I think this is natural and part of the game. The trick to life is to see that we need to pull ourselves out of these obstacles. How? By focussing on solutions.

But what if no-one tells you this?

What if you fail to see that all these obstacles that get thrown at us are purely there to give meaning to our days?


I knew what I wanted pretty soon after leaving school, but along the way I fell into mental habits, that didn’t help. I remember being very proactive and positive and patient. Trouble was when things didn’t go my way, as they often won’t in life, I got lead down the wrong path mentally.

Something takes longer than we expect and then we start to think either consciously or unconsciously that – we can’t achieve our goals.

  • Maybe we give up…just a little bit…on the inside.
  • Maybe we have negative beliefs that sabotage us without knowing.
  • Maybe something happened in our childhood where we got our arses kicked and it left a mark.
  • Maybe this affects our lives today…

But really the only way out of this loop is to try this.



Try a new one. Something you haven’t not had happened before.

Quantify it. Qualify it. Lets say its as simple as getting a 30 inch waist. This is my current pet goal. I have never had this measurement and I am sure my life would be better if this was a reality. Even just a bit, even just knowing that I successfully set a goal and achieved it. Builds Positivity.

I think that is the problem. People set goals and then don’t achieve the mini-steps steps to achieving them and think that things are too hard and not worth it.


A perfect illustration of this:     Your Love Life.

For me, there have been times when I have been too scared of the girl that I really want and I go for someone easier. Someone I know I can get.

BUT the person who can hurt us the most is the one we really love. The big risk. The person who we like is ok and is comfortable is much easier, but of course if we get them, we are not as exhilirated.

Maybe that’s what you want at that time. Ultimately though we want what we want and the very fact that it is scarying us is the same reason it will make us smile big and wide when we get it.


It is the same with career goals. We all know that if we make that connection, if we perform that difficult task: that we could fail. We could fail in front of our peers. Our competition. And this could devastate us. But only because that’s what we really want.

If we didn’t give a shit then we may very well give it a bash and see what happens.

 Fish making the jump

So does this mean the only important thing in Life is Courage?


Go For What You Want.

Funny how people get what they want – when they don’t want it.

Haven’t you noticed that the ones that want it the most often don’t get it – in Life.


I think this cruel truism is because people that this happens to are fearing what they want rather than focussing and going for what they want.


You get what you focus on – Do You Agree?

This is the Maxim of The Secret. I am thinking more and more that this is in fact the case. The other day I was thinking of what I wanted to happen right before it did. I was dreaming of an outcome and then pretty soon that opportunity presented itself. I still had to take it but..


I programmed the universe for the opportunity I wanted.

It was just a catch to come my way in a cricket game for my team I was playing on a sunny saturday– but it still happened nice and true, and right in my lap. If we can balance our fears and put our energies – courageously – on what we want, I think we can achieve life-long goals.




Isn’t that why you are reading this?

At the end of the day. At the end of our lives.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIFE YOU HAD. (generally and in most cases.)

So tonight sit in a chair, close your eyes and picture exactly and vividly what you want to happen. Give it a try. If it doesn’t work after a few days and weeks, then come back here and leave comments to the effect of – This is bullshit and this doesn’t work and this is giving people false hope. Be my guest.


Work Smart. Be Free.

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