Happy 2016!!


Happiness! What does it mean to you..



For me it’s when I am told that I am happy by someone who knows me. It’s when I see pictures of some event and I am smiling. Its when I am asked to smile for the camera – which as an actor I am asked to do alot – and it is easy. Effortless. When I am living a happy streak I still have times when I am stressed, but I also am happy with how I am progressing.

I am growing, contributing and I am connected. And there’s these little ones. Clean house, a great workout, a phone call from my agent that I got a callback, an email saying I made a new sale, watching my dog running around with a big dumb grin on his face, a hug from my daughter and a little nap in the afternoon after a swim.

So how is that for you? What makes you happy? In 2015 were you happy? If not why not? Is it un-realistic to look back on a whole year and say I was happy the whole year?





Everyone knows they don’t work.

They don’t work because people don’t INGRAIN THE NEW HABITS that they set.

When they do set them the chances of fulfilling them are determined by how much pain the person will have if they don’t fulfil them.

Apparently just 8% of people achieve their New Year Resolutions. Click here to read an article on this.


My advice. Don’t set blanket New Year Resolutions. Set 30 Day Challenges for yourself. 30 day challenges are much more achievable. They are short enough but long enough. They are short enough to see the finish line when you start struggling around Day 10 – Day 15. They are long enough to produce new habits. And when you have finished you can set a new one. This means that you are setting small goals regularly. You are adjusting and tweaking goals regularly. Which means over the course of the year you will make the most of your 365 days. Although 2016 is a Leap Year and you have an extra day in February. Feb 29. That can be a day off. Yay!



30 Day Challenge





So set a ONE BIG Goal for 2016. A large goal that if you were to achieve it you would be Very Happy With Yourself.


It might be to start an Internet Business.

If you were to join me and build an internet business in Affiliate Marketing, The Laptop Lifestyle you will find in the header of this post. What could you set?

A laptop and a coffeeRealistically. You could begin today and set a goal to replace your income by New Years Eve 2016 – but to have that come from your online efforts entirely. How great would that be? Same income as you have now but you are entirely self sufficient.To do that you would have to Join The Six Figure Mentors. They provide you with everything you need to launch an online business that you can run from a Laptop and an internet connection. BUT. You will also need to stay in touch with me. Why? Because I have been there. I have made the mistakes that you most probably will make to. There is a learning curve that can be shorten when you take the right advice. Where do i advertise? How often do i blog?  How do i build a following? What things should I avoid? These are questions that I CAN STEER YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.


CLICK the link to get a FREE VIDEO SERIES about having Your Own Internet Business for 2016.

For Financial & Time Freedom – This can make you happy. Imagine spending 2-3 hours a day on a Laptop Anywhere in the World and then having the rest of your day for your friends, family and passions.


Work Smart. Be Free.




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