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Do you want to be an Actor? Are you in another city of Australia and are wanting to move to Sydney to kickstart your acting career…the Emerald City? Are you dead serious on Acting and nothing else? Well…this web-series will make you feel better.

Heidi-and-lola 2


Two beautiful talented funny 20 something actresses inhabit this ‘mockumentary’ slice on our Industry here in Sydney, Australia. Hayley Flowers and Lucy McNabb play Heidi and Lola. They appear not too long to be out from drama school as to be jaded, because they still have hope and genuine enthusiasm for their acting dream. However, the men in their life just seem to be getting more actual ($$) acting gigs – with much less home yoga workouts. The situations they get in are ridiculous and to the uniniated, totally hilarious. But to someone who has lived many of these scenarios “in real life” they are hit smack bang on the bone of your acting chops and say: this is what you are living. Like it or not. Its what you go through, as an actor trying to make it happen. Its hard to know whether watching this heals the wounds of acting or whether they just make it worse; because the scenarios are heightened, but true to life. Humiliating. In many respects.


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Some of these are, but not limited to – Drama workshops of playing a frog – as a starting base and then stacking characters from that seat of physical truth and rawness. Auditioning for a commercial and achieving tears by a ten second countdown; Getting turned on by a Director’s feedback session that is nothing short of abuse – “Theatrical Appendix..” “Fuck me in the Eye..”. Jobbing as a masseuse for some employer that wants to reward his employees with a casual rub- is that a form of prostitution? Bonding as a couple by reading Love Labours Lost but only because its never gets produced theatrically. Deciding on whether to speak an American accent at the meet & greet of a Hollywood audition…the shenanigans keep coming.

The music is wonderful. Original local Sydney bands I expect. They open and close episodes in just the right touch, as does the editing. Anyone wanting to make their own web-series should watch this for instruction. My only criticism is the sequences where we see Heidi eating, often! Which of course is a good positive image for women (not sure about the red wine..lol) but these scenes of the two them on the couch de-briefing and making sense of their lives is great, but I would like to see them having these in different locations and maybe a bit more competition between the two. Maybe this is to come in future episodes… And here’s a thought: maybe they should be making episodes as they go (as opposed to shooting 6 or 8 all together to save costs) because then they could ask fans what story-lines they would like to see..


Heidi & Lola


Finally, Acting can be Humiliating with a capital H. It can induce alcoholism. But it can also be way more fun than working 9 to 5 and doing a ‘right’ corporate thing. This series will take you there. A window into the acting world.The HIGHS and the LOWS. If you are already there, then this is the TV show for you. Only its a web-series. But very well produced and well written. A SHOW for ACTORS. Check it out and subscribe to the episodes. Below is my favourite.

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