How Arnold Made a Million Bucks – before Hollywood..


Arnold Schwarzenegger Made MONEY..

He was a totally independent Millionaire Real Estate Investor in Los Angeles before he was successful in Hollywood. He bought a Santa Monica Apartment Building. Arnold was a 7 time winner of the best bodybuilder in the world competition – Mr Olympia. But he was poor because there was no money in the sport then. So how was it that Arnold Schwarzenegger made money? He had to do something. But most importantly HE KNEW that you need to have your own business. That is the only way to not be a Schmuck. His morals aren’t under question here. I am merely pointing out the smarts of the man and what we can learn from him.

The Secret

Get a Business of your own. Arnold did Real Estate. I am doing Digital Marketing because its much cheaper to get started than any other business on the planet. So if you see the wisdom from this interview and you want to start your own business the Click Here.


Make it happen. Life is your hands. You just have to think The Right Way.



Work Smart. Be Free.

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