How to Survive the 2020’s

We have all been through the scariest of times just recently. Covid-19 has put the world on notice that our problems are serious and will stop life as we know if un-addressed. That said, what if all our these serious problems of 2020/21 are not going away but are just beginning?

Well I believe that is exactly the case. I believe that we are heading for bigger problems very soon and its not from Climate Change – although we need to fix that too!

Many would’ve heard or read of the Great Financial Re-Set. I believe that we are already in a Reset of Sorts where our economy is transitioning into the Digital World. This site is rich with content on this subject and this article is about how does ONE SURVIVE 2021 & BEYOND in a financial sense. We could be in for apocalyptic times and you want to be ready.

But what do you do if you are Financially Screwed Right Now? How do you get out of it?

Get out of Debt – the best thing you can do for your bottom line is to get out of debt as quickly as possible. Think about it if you are paying interest of 15 – 20 – 25% interest on credit cards that is stupid. Trying to get that return on your savings is very challenging and you can save that by paying off credit card debt NOW. Before you do anything else. Now credit is cheap right now, so if you have a mortgage on a house you live in then thats ok because the interest rates should be so low and you can continue to pay it off as planned. Be aware that the housing market is in a bubble and is inflated and should very well crash in the coming years and never return to the prices we see right now. Ouch! So for some selling a house in a urban area and moving regional could be a life changing decision that sets you up for peace & prosperity.

Improve your Skill Set – regardless of where you are in life right now you can learn more. The internet has made all that possible and this post is an example of that. The more skills you have the more nimble you can be. Flexibility is the most important thing for this decade. If you have lost your job or your shifts are being cut back: the best thing you can do is Start an Online Business. If you want to know how, even though you have no products or experience then come and do what I am doing to generate an independant income that insulates me from redundancy. OR…if you have a passion then start a Youtube Channel around that topic and go hard and deep and provide as much free value as you can: monetisation will come.

Save Money Every Week – regardless of where you are in life the habit of saving is just that – A HABIT. It’s a habit you want to cultivate no matter what. Now in my life because i have lived off casual sporadic income streams for 20 yrs I have failed to save. I thought well I don’t have that consistent cheque each week so how can I comitt to direct debit (the best solution) savings? This is a mistake. The only way you can develop a habit of saving is to commit to it today. Even if you don’t have money coming in for a few weeks just make the habit of putting aside a little Each Monday the results will compound and you SOMEHOW find the money to make it work. But if you don’t commit now you never get there. Some say you should save 10% of every payday. Well whatever. Just save each week rain, hail or shine. Can be as little as $20.

Invest your Savings – Governments around the world have been printing money as a means of keeping their economies going and keeping the illusion that everything is ok. EVERYTHING IS NOT OK. Stimulus cheques, growing debt levels, quantitative easing; is no different if you or i took out a credit card to pay off a credit card. Just living in denial. You have to pay it back sometime and when you do you have created a HOLE for yourself that may take decades to get out of. That is what is coming for our economies around the world and why we are headed for a GREAT RESET. Each time they send out a stimulus cheque you must understand that is reducing the value of the dollars you possess. It’s an excess of supply. So the solution is to invest your savings into Sound Money that will go up in value in time. Buy the 2 main cryptos Bitcoin & Ethereum and hold them for as long as you can! Put them on a Hardware Wallet and store in a safe place. Don’t trade in and out. You will just lose money. Buy and Hold. These currencies will see an explosive growth in the coming years and you want to take advantage.

Prepare for System Collapse – because the ‘financial system is fucked‘ everything could and should break down at some point. That means food shortages, power outages, ATM failures and civil unrest will ensue. So what can you do? Solar power your home – if you can. Install a Rain Water Tank – if you can. Grow your own vegies – if you can. Stockpile some long life food – if you can. Learn how fight – if you can. Learn how fix your car – if you can. Prepare an Evacuation Kit – if you can. Move to the country – if you can. If you start an Online Business you can work remotely and doing that in the country can secure you from the Urban danger of civil unrest. Any or all of these things will put you in good stead and when a big problem does hit you will thank yourself for taking action earlier.

Develop Great Relationships – whether its with your neighbours, your work colleagues or with your trusted friends, continue to keep the connection deep and meaningful because we will ALL NEED EACH OTHER. Relying on a community could save you and your family one day.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!! If you do these things you can absolutely thrive in the coming years too. Don’t forget that…Life can get better from here. The plan on how to survive this mess of a decade. Leave a comment below if you think I have left anything out. Peace. 🙂

Gil Balfas

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