The Put Together Man #1

Put together man #1

Making an impression digitally these days is unavoidable. Everyone has an internet profile, if only a Facebook account and maybe a Linked In profile. We must all do what we can to raise our internet profiles up to the careers we are pursuing.

But what about how to present oneself before a meeting or before going to work? How much does a put together look count when meeting people? Quite a lot. Style dressing for men doesn’t depend on what look you are going for. It could be the casual advertising look, the formal business look, the bearded creative look…whatever. It needs to be concisously created.

We live in a visual world..

Man wiping cream on his face.
Leave nothing to chance.

Many will immediately stop listening or laugh when it comes to a discussion on beauty for men, but it is a subject that has merit and is worth discussion. First impressions are important, we are all aware of that, but we seem to forget this little fact unless it is pointed out to us. It is vital – whether we are trying to get ahead professionally or get an introduction with that beautiful woman – to make a good first impression. People see you before you even have a chance to say hello to them, meaning that beauty for men is not such a silly topic. The way we present ourselves has a bearing on how successful and well received we are – this is true in both personal and professional contexts.


Put together man #1

Grooming for men does not have to be extensive and style dressing for men does not have to be a costly or time consuming experience. Keeping oneself neat and tidy in appearance is one of the most important first steps to looking good the second one enters a room. Freshly showered, groomed or clean shaven and tidy clothing are important elements of a put together look.

Style dressing for men can be pretty simple. Well tailored clothing that is in good repair and that matches is imperative. Classic black, simple patterns and classic cuts are always great choices for the put together man that knows how to make the most of his looks. Taking the time to ensure that one matches, that hair is in order, teeth are brushed, the shirt is tucked in and fully buttoned, and so on, are small details that gain a lot of notice from people.

Independent from beauty for men, is the manner in which you carry yourself is also often improved when you feel good about how you look. People notice when someone is confident and collected. Confidence often adds to one’s charm and even physical appeal. Feeling good about how we look will imbue us with more confidence and thus increase our presence wherever we are. How we do that can be achieved by dressing for comfort. I mean choosing shirts, pants and suits that you feel good in. Indeed some fashion people say that when you put on an item of clothing, you test it by asking; does it feel good? Is this a great fit? If not don’t buy it. This will help you feel innate confidence in yourself and not as if you are putting something on and equates to the put together man look.

A model dressed for successCarrying oneself with confidence, paired with a simple, yet thoughtful look, is a surefire way to make a great impression as you enter a room. Beauty for men is not something that is the realm of the vain only, it should be a concern for any man who wants to make a great impression. Make the most of your looks with an effort and care. If you can keep it up consistently, you will improve you chances with everything you do. It can be an art form but it doesn’t need to become an obsession. The greatest benefits from this come from simply not leaving it to chance.

One well put together man I started working with for a month was always well groomed and well dressed and I was just throwing things on. His attention to detail was inspiring and became a valuable entity in its own right. He was not a good looking guy but the way he was treated made me realise that if you want to be taken seriously – then you need to take your appearance seriously. Its almost as important as the substance you provide. Cultivate an impression and enjoy your own style dressing – it will be a rewarding experience.



Put together man #1

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