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internet leverageInternet Leverage

Many people have asked me whether the business of making money on the internet is real or not. I guess all of them don’t question whether there are in fact people making money via internet leverage but rather whether it is legitimate, reliable and possible for the average person. There seems to be this Stigma to it. I describe the concept of Internet Marketing to people, particularly the one that I am involved with (being a re-seller of the SFM education and business platform) and everyone says that it is a Pyramid Scheme. But a Pyramid scheme is normally limited to selling only within the company. With Affiliate Marketing you are free to sell any product in the world, via Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, your own website…etc The skills you would learn would make you self-employable for life.


Further, what they don’t realise is that selling something on the internet has:

  • No cold calling (or personal selling)
  • No need to speak with anyone
  • No hard sell or chasing people
  • And definitely – No selling to your friends!

Technology is systematically destroying the traditional economy. More and more jobs that could be done by humans are now being done by computers, gadgets and interfaces. The flip side to this is that it is opening the whole world to the individual that embraces the Digital Reach of the Internet. To sell something on the internet is to be able to sell, potentially to the whole world. Full stop. End of Story.


In the past if you wanted to franchise your business to other countries you would have to travel to that country and spend time and money setting that up correctly. Today you can expand into new countries at the click of a button. To fully understand this I want to give you a real world example of internet leverage we can all relate to. Selling a Car.

Alfa Internet leverage
Gil’s Alfa Romeo

I just sold this car (April 2015) and it was 15 yrs old believe it or not. It is a GTV6 3.0 litre sports-car. A through-bred to drive and still a beauty at 90,000km on the clock. But this is a boutique item. Cars are cheap at the moment and alot of people are scared of buying old Alfa’s because of unexpected maintence issues. I had 43 leads come through a modest listing on an Australian website that I paid $50 for. They all negotiated and told me that the car was not worth what I was asking and that I would never get it. I worked my through all these guys over 3 months.Then the 43rd lead, rang me up and said he would Fly in from out of state and pay cash for the price I wanted. He turned up 4 days later and drove the car back 500 miles back to his home. This sale was directly possible because of the incredible reach of the internet.


Internet Leverage means you can harnass the power of it to sell products to the whole world without having to leave the comfort of your own home. In this day and age every major city has horrendous traffic issues. So why commute to work in a car and sit in traffic for an hour when you can harnass the traffic of the internet and have your own business that you can work from anywhere in the world. ANYONE can have their own Internet Business that works for them on auto-pilot by bringing in sales around the clock and from around the globe. That is Internet Leverage at its finest.




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