What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?


So many people don’t actually know of this new industry or new profession that is Internet Marketing. I have tried explaining it to so many people and they really just don’t get it. It’s illusive and people think of SPAM. And yes when done without class, intelligence and genuine skill, its Spam.

What is Spam? Well I believe it to be any selling to someone who is not interested or is not looking for the product that you are selling. Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is a targeted sell. It utilises the scale of the internet to sell to people that are like-minded to the product. It is selling through a funnel. Its like selling fishing tackle to someone reading a blog about Fishing. You see today we as consumers don’t watch TV and all watch the same thing. Today the Technology has moved people’s attentions into a solitary focus, as determined by the search engine of their own whimsy. We all have own screens – they are not shared and they are all shaped by what we watch and engage with. You can jump onto someone’s computer and find a whole different world (facebook ads for example). It is shaped by what that person is into. What they are passionate or concerned about. That makes advertising and selling in the internet less unwanted, because it is guided by sophisticated SEO from Google and the like.


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CONTENT ON DEMAND. That is why learning Internet Marketing is not SPAM or not knocking on doors or not cold calling. It’s selling to the half way converted.


What is Internet Marketing?

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What is Internet Marketing?


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