Keep Digging

Keep Digging – Les Brown


Why do we stop chasing our dreams?

Well for me, its sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I get a little emotional and I crap out one night  – and go for a drink or a big feed. Party basically. Or is it Medicating…But really the patterns that I have, get repeated again and again. The same things I do when chasing something, I will do again at the same stage of that dream acquisition. So I decided to change that. I decided to build my life around 30 day challenges. At the moment I am doing a 30 day Blog Challenge. The one before this one a 30 Day Selfie Challenge. These are all designed to drive traffic to my website and build a brand online that is pure Internet Marketing. But what I wanted to share here was that if – you, me, we – can just…keep digging.


With that in mind.


We can never have too much motivation..



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Work Smart. Be Free.



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