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To learn Marketing for an actor is such an invaluable tool for many reasons. Firstly, most actors really don’t have a business mindset – which of course is a good thing when it comes to creativity. You don’t want your work to be stifled by the demands of the marketplace. But to sell you – the actor – is a skill most actors never learn. But if you want to make a living of acting you have to see it as a business. YOU are the business. YOU are a product. If you are ok and clever with that then you will do just fine. The internet has opened doors for the actor, not closed them down. Today people are being asked to self-test an audition from outside the city that the casting is taking place. Technology is offering an opportunity that actors of the 80’s and 90’s would’ve only dreamed about. So take advantage of this and watch my video below. If you want to find out more book a Skype call in the Contact box on the bottom right of this page.







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