Lessons from Errol

Lessons from Errol..

Scarcity thinking is downward spiral. Its a Catch 22. When you don’t have alot of money and you want to make more – its hard. Its even harder: when the bottom line gets closer and closer. I remember reading in Errol Flynn’s auto-biography My Wicked, Wicked Ways  – he said that when he was at his lowest – he would get all dressed up and go out socialising mixing with people as if he was on top of the world. He said miraculously he would land a job or get some money a day or two later that would continue his life of debauchery.



What can we learn from Errol?

Three things I wager.

First – Don’t drink to excess. Get help anyway you can if you drink either everyday or binge to the pint of collapse. He died young and pretty sure his last few years were in physical pain because he ruined his body. Apparently the autopsy of his body presented as a man in his 70’s. He died at 50 dead on. He lived hard and fast all the way. Look after your body is the lesson.

Second. Live life with Courage. This man valued adventure above all else and he lived an incredible life. The book goes into all his worldly travels – and all the best bits were before he hit Hollywood. Attack life with a smile on your face and do so with courage.

Third. Fake it till you make it. The story above of how he got all dressed up when he was penniless is a great example of how if you want something you should pretend AS IF you already have it. Your chances of attracting what you want get so much better. I see this in dating. Men that are confident and have a devil may care attitude tend to get attention from women so much easier than the shy, nervous or tentative men making a go of it on the prowl.


We can learn from this that you should emit the energy of what it is you want, not what you don’t want. This can be applied to anything in life. I am not saying that you don’t have to work hard for things or that you don’t need some luck in life – to get great things. But I am saying that the best way to handle a crisis is to act like it is the moment of truimph.


That is what we can learn from the charming  –  Errol Flynn.


Lessons from Errol



Work Smart. Be Free.



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