Linked In Advertising

 Linked In Advertising

A Linked in LogoLinked In is an amazing resource to connect with people who are in need of the particular skills that you possess. It has now become an essential tool for people in the business world to do some Internet advertising to promote themselves. Here are some ways that you can use your profile to advance your career.

1. Add more information than just your current job

If you are creating your profile on Linked In in a hurry and you only want to list the bare minimum, be certain that you list as many of your past jobs as you possibly can. If you have only held your current position for a few months, and that is all you list, it will appear as if you are just getting started in your career. Recruiters will usually search based on years of experience.

2. Include a photo

Linked In profiles that contain a photo are six times more likely to be looked at. If you are attempting to connect with some of your old contacts, they have a better chance of remembering you if they see your photo. If you have changed your name because of marriage, posting a photo can allow people to recognize you. You need a visual presence on the for Internet Adversting. This is true for us all.

3. Connect with people you know.

If people are total strangers, they are most likely not going to be willing to help each other. You need to connect with people that are willing to send an email on your behalf and help you. There are some people who create profiles to sell products through Internet advertising. In these cases, they want a large network that includes people they do not know. However, if you create a profile as a tool to search for a job, you need to be certain that you actually want to network with all of your contacts.

Linked In Advertising


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4. Have a minimum of 50 contacts.

50 is considered to be the number of contacts that will allow you to increase your networking chances, so try to have at least this many to advance your career. This is not difficult to achieve, as the threads of contacts that Linked In provides, allows you to expand your network and LINK yourself to people you have not met, but  your contacts have met.

5. Utilize the job postings.

While networking is a great way to advance your career, the job postings that are available are worth taking a look at. If you click on a job that you find interesting, you will see all of the contacts in your network that are connected to that specific company. One of the best things about the postings you will find on Linked In is that very few of them are listings for positions that have already been filled or false leads. This is because the fee for a 30-day job posting is $295.

6. Continue to make connections.

There are two schools of thought on connections when managing your Linked In strategy.

Connect with everyone and their sister and leave the filter at home is the first. You’ll undoubtedly see the acronym LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) throughout LinkedIn. If you fall into this camp you’ll accept just about all invitations as you look to build a high number of connections. The other school of thought is to keep it tight. Only connect with people that you know and have met in person. This keep your account manageable as the numbers will obviously be lower. The drawback of this method is most of your 250 connections will not be active.

Arguments can be made for both methods. Whichever you decide, try to stay the course to advance your career.

7. Continue to endorse others.

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Spread the Love.

This is the fast food drive-thru of recommendations. If you don’t have the time or desire to sit down and write a well thought out paragraph, then “endorsements” is for you. Endorsements showed up late last year and allows users to plus (+) each other for their skills and expertise. Think of it as a +1 or like. It’s a free for all, but overall more is better. Endorsements are fluffy compared to recommendations, but they are a part of your linkedin profile and 99+ is perceived as more impressive than 3.

Start with people that you’ve worked with and endorse them where you see fit. Then give some love to people you’ve met online where a relationships exists. Showering users with endorsements that you don’t know at all does not really serve a purpose, but unfortunately many do take this route. Treat them as a “pat on the back” to people you respect and appreciate.

Linked In can be a powerful tool that presents a great opportunity to network and instill credibility to your internet profile. Be active and conscious with it.

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