Make an Impact


Are you making an impact on this world?

Do you know how to make an impact?

If the answer is no, I hear ya. I’ve been there.

For many years as an actor I felt like I was going no-where. To others, it seemed that my career was building – gradually. And in the reality of the entertainment business, I was probably progressing.

But I felt that my talents were being far-out weighed by oblivion. I felt many times that I was just waiting. Possibly…to die.

My talents were not being used. I could not get a break in acting and in fact when I did get a job i was never extended or pushed to my boundaries. Maybe I just did not know how to make an impact. I could do it standing on my head.

I wanted to contribute. I wanted to show people what I could do. But acting was not allowing me to.

I went back to University, got a Education degree and became a School Teacher. That was better. The kids liked me and they liked my lessons. I entertained them and it was rewarding watching them grow. I did that for 5 years in-between acting jobs. But still my energies were being spent with 20-25 kids. I still felt undervalued and under appreciated.


Well at the end of the day, I was still trading my time for money. Which is fine if you want to not make a lot of money, not travel too much and just serve the kids in my community.

This is why I started a business online. Because I could reach more and more people.


That way I thought I can benefit from a bigger audience. I can build fans across the web from many countries across the globe. I can, in theory, become the star I have always wanted to be.

Why do I want this kind of impact?

Because I want to inspire people. That is what drives me. I want people to see me doing my thang and say to themselves they can do the same.

I want the attention.

If I got your attention today with this, I thank-you. If you resonate with this kind of purpose in life, I can tell you that a Digital Business can get you going.

  • The chance to have your say and get paid. Like on this blog.
  • The chance to express your creativity. Check out my Instagram.
  • The chance to entertain & educate people. Check my Youtube. (make sure you subscribe)

All of these allow me to have an impact. So many jobs don’t allow this kind of empowerment. So many fates don’t fulfil on people’s desires. This can.

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