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To Meet Johnny Depp is a dream of many, myself, included. Not because he is my main childhood hero. Not because he is the be all and end all for me. He was just one of many idols we all would love to meet. Acting has always been my life focus and the idea to make it in Hollywood was always the goal. Not there yet. But not dead yet either. So anyways…The business of acting has always seemed cooler when Mr Depp does it. He doesn’t oversell anything. He just rocks up and captivates. So when a friend of mine were about to meet him in a hotel…I was so over the moon with the lesson in acting I was about to get. I mean could he really help me to sell myself? The business of acting is just so freaking impossible that if you don’t have some kind of spiritual support system, internally, you are screwed. Johnny Depp is THE man for how to walk into a room and get noticed. So here, right before your eyes, is the day we were about to meet with the out and out superstar of acting and one of the true custodians of coolMr Depp.

My mate. He’s always been a bit shy and a bit of a loser on the surface. But he’s freakishly talented in acting. His you Tube Channel is really starting to build as you will see in this video. But one thing I really want to stress in this business of acting. That is that someone like Johnny Depp is the way he is because of a media marketing machine that is behind him and he does not look that good every day in his mansion in the South of France. So I was not at all worried that I was not dressed up. My mate was. And that ultimately leads to his downfall in his own pursuit to have a business of acting. So the lesson in cool that the Depster was about to give, was in real dire desperate need deep within both of our souls. We needed emancipation. We needed to unleashed into new paths of own self expression so we could role model the business of acting into all the other HOLLYWOOD going-to-be’s. Here’s the result and what ever I can say would not match the matter of fact change my acting took after this meeting. Life affirming.

Meeting Johnny Depp.



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