How much time do you waste?

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When building my online business there are many times when I felt I had no time to work on it. I was oblivious on how to be efficient with my life. But then I would look at my day and wonder if I was as productive as I could’ve been?

I had this moment when I was sitting around just browsing on my phone, responding to notifications and just hanging out on social media..


I thought wouldn’t it be better that I work?


Rather than just opening Apps on my phone and getting dragged into conversations on Facebook, wouldn’t it better that I was offline? That I was producing content that I could upload to my website or share with my subscribers?

YES. Absolutely Yes.

There have been other times when I have needed inspiration from Youtube. For anything. It could be for achieving. It could be for a workout. It could be for cooking. Whatever – there goes another 30 mins online, which is non-productive. I am subscribed to a few Youtube Channels and I get an email every time a new video is uploaded. I check my email and boom – I am watching another video which may or may not have something to help me make money online.


The point I am trying to make here is that with all the wonders of The Digital World we now live in, we can be contacted 24/7. We have our phones with us all day everyday and we are CONSTANTLY being DISTRACTED!! It takes a resolve to not let this effect you. If you are in the trenches and you are trying to make this whole online business work: so you can quit your job, pay your rent, or just prove to your spouse that this is worth spending time on – then you need to TAKE CHARGE.


There is one more thing..

You can use a lot of in-between time – in your day – to get work done and to grow your business. For instance I am writing this on a train on my way into the city for an appointment. Normally I would just be sitting here on my phone just consuming the internet, rather than producing for the internet. But when I left home I said screw it. I am taking my laptop and I am going to do some OFFLINE WORK. And so, you are reading this now.


Look at YOUR DAY and ask yourself: Do You Waste Time?

people on phone on train

Do you need to have Facebook open right now?

Scrolling through Instagram…is that going to help you put $$ into your bank account? Maybe it will.

But I am just saying there are probably lots of little pockets of time that you could be participating in Money Producing Activities.



What are they for me?

  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Writing Emails for my Subscribers
  • Checking the stats on my advertising
  • Optimising my funnels
  • Researching my next video


Imagine if I – for the next 7 days – only Went Online or engaged with a Digital Device to do the above tasks?

Can you imagine what I would achieve…

This would be instead of dicking about on Social Media, Youtube or Getting drawn into rabbit holes that don’t suit my business plan.

Can you imagine how better I would feel?

 There are more things to life than being online and if you choose to be an digital marketer you are best off living and breathing in the real world as much as possible and spending 2 hours per day with your Laptop.

If you would like to check out the business system that I currently use to put deposits into my bank account, the very same system that has taught me this Online Efficiency, then CLICK HERE.


Work Smart. Be Free.

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