Why you Need to Build a List

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I struggled to find an audience for a long time. I wanted people to watch my videos, but for some reason I wasn’t going viral! LOL…

Maybe my videos aren’t very entertaining or don’t offer any real value.


My guess is that unless you are making videos every day for 2/3 years then it can be hard to get an audience on social media. There are a lot of marketing strategies that people use to get their videos ranked and to get the likes. But for me I am busy.


I only have 2 hours per day for my business.

I am an Actor & a Dad. So I don’t really have time to be making videos every day, editing them and uploading them. What has finally given me an audience I have wanted – for my online offers – is A LIST.


That is where I get an audience.

They say that the money is in the list, but most have now agreed that the money is the relationship with the list. You need to do 2 things. Build a list and cultivate a relationship with those email addresses, those people. That will give you the audience. You are part of my audience right now. See above how many subscribers I have.


What have done in the past that didn’t work?

  1. Build a Fan Page on Facebook.

For about 2 years I built a fan page on Facebook for Actors – To Sell an Online Business to them to keep them afloat through their acting jobs. If fits them as a demographic… BUT. I found that even though my Actor Aware page has over 1000 likes, I still have to pay to get eyeballs on my offers. That’s Facebook today. I can get some posts to go viral but they are like 1 in 10 and even then it is a battle to get them to watch a video from that traffic.


  1. Writing Blogs and embedding my videos on them.

I have blogged for a year quite solidly. Check out my website if you like. But this way to get people to watch my videos was still fraught with failure. I had to rank my blogs through SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Aweber SS 4


Both of these obstacles could be overcome with consistent and persistent action, but as I said above I don’t always have that kind of time. I have and always will be, after a HANDS OFF business. Which means I want to do the least to keep it going. I want to maximise my efforts.


MY MISSION – to get 100 people running their own businesses online.


To make videos is the best way for me to communicate with people. But I still need people to watch them in the first place. The strategy for that to work is GROW an EMAIL list and then send them my videos to watch. That has finally started getting people watching and seeing my message.

Ultimately this is what we are after in Internet Marketing. We need the right people seeing and hearing your message. That is  – Quality Traffic.

Why am I being SO OPEN and CANDID with my business?

Why am letting you see the vulnerabilities I have encountered?


I believe the best way to SELL you on having your own Digital Business is to be honest. 100% honest and hopefully you can see through the hype and see my message as genuine and REAL.

It’s a long term approach and that’s cool with me.


SO How Do You Build an Email List?

Well, you drive traffic to a page, that just gets people’s Email Address.

Here is an example.

Now you still need to promote through paid marketing to get new email addresses. And I have found the best way to do that is to Join a Marketing Co-Op. The SAN offers that and I buy traffic every month through the Co-Op. It’s a 2 experts who place ALL the Ads for you, so you just get email addresses that land into your Aweber (auto-responder that you sign up to to send your emails from). You don’t have to analyse or do the technical work of placing the Ads.


Your list just grows on Auto-Pilot & you can have people seeing your material daily.


Work Smart. Be Free.

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