New York in the Fall

For long time I felt BLAH, BLAH… about New York.


I think I heard for a long time how great New York was. But really I could not care. I had always been more attracted to L.A; being an actor seeking better opportunities. New York to me just seemed like a concrete jungle that wouldn’t be much fun. Would just kick my ass, without much in return.

I was wrong.

In L.A you must drive a car, it’s the first thing you do. In New York however – you catch the subway – that is where I felt so better connected to humanity.

As a global citizen I hope to see the bigger picture.

Use technology to advance the human race and not pull it back.

Be a part of the solutions…

We have BIG challenges today. You know what they are. But most of them I believe can be solved by humans fighting back – by looking after one another.

New York Subway is soo crowded. People everywhere. But for me coming from sitting in traffic in L.A, I was pleased to be around people. I love people watching.  And I like the challenge of travelling. Working out a new city. One of the best in the world.

There were many times I got lost and the panic of getting off at the wrong station and landing in the WRONG neighbourhood. The anxiety we suffered.  BUT to my surprise > New Yorkers help each other! I always thought that these people were going to be tough, crazy and un-forgiving. But I found the reverse.

Strangers helped us..

Again & again.

Sometimes we asked for it and other times they just helped  tourists who were clearly lost. We were obviously wary of being tricked or robbed. But we were fine. We were ok. It was almost as if the city is so crowded and so tough to live in that people choose to help each other. A few times somebody didn’t have a ticket to get in the gate and they would ask someone who did to swipe them through. And they did. I ended up doing it. People would say excuse me and you’re welcome.

I’m from Sydney Australia and I have to say strangers are just not that friendly back home.

So this global citizen thing could be starting to spread…The Big Apple leading the way.

I really enjoy travelling. Seeing new cities. New cultures. Just breaks the boredom of my own city/ life. The other thing I noticed that in cafes in New York many, many people are plugged into their laptops and are working.

So many of us are now geographically free. Are you one of them yet?

Are you taking full advantage of the Digital Age?

Would you like to carry a Laptop around & work in cafes, libraries?

Personally I love it. The freedom.

It makes sense to do this. You never know when you just might need to employ yourself and make an income online. If this interests you, as I’ve said before – click this link – and join me in creating a business that you truly enjoy.


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