How to Not be in the Same Place Next Year

Goal Setting in 2017

Goal Setting for 2017


Goal Setting for 2017


There have been times in my life where I haven’t gone anywhere. I have stayed in the same place – as the previous year… To make sure that this doesn’t happen, that we don’t have regret lying in a hospital bed when we are on our last breath – we need to set goals.

So how do you set goals?

This skill is not really taught at schools. I know because I am school teacher, as well as a online marketer.

But How’s This..


        Write down 4 goals that you want to achieve in a year


4 goals that really excite you. 4 goals that are worth getting about of bed for. 4 goals that you haven’t achieved yet or maybe want to get back to if you were there before. Like your body for instance.

Write those down. In detail. The detail will help you stay focussed.

NOW break those down into a plan.

Are there smaller goals that are a stepping stone to that goal?


Lets you set up a 90 day plan.

In the first 90 days you do something everyday to achieve that goal.

Lets say you want to Save $10,000 Cash. Cash that you don’t have to spend anywhere else. Just $10,000 that you can decide, this time next year what you want to do with it.

So how do you get to $10,000 cash US..


Goal Setting for 2017


Well its $833 a month. Or its $416 a fortnight.

Can you setup a direct debit on your bank account for $400 every fortnightly pay?

Many people can.

How about $28 a day?

Can you find a saving of $28 every single day for a year is $10,000 cash.

Maybe it’s a takeaway meal you don’t buy. Maybe it’s a new outfit you don’t get. Maybe its better loan where you are saving on less interest payable. Maybe its gym membership you don’t buy because you buy a set of dumbells from Ebay and take up walking for an hour 3 times a week.

These are the things that could get you there.

There is also one other thing that could get you there.




Goal Setting in 2017


If every morning you got up and Visualised YOUR GOAL of having $10,000 cash in your savings account, the chances of you doing what it takes are HUGELY IMPROVED and the chances of you attracting that much into your account is MASSIVE.


Spend 10 mins a day working on your goals.

  • Writing them down.
  • Visualising them.
  • Cutting out pictures of them.
  • Strategising how to achieve them.
  • Affirming them to yourself that you have them already!

I don’t believe this is magic.

I just believe you are programming your mind to get something. You are steering the ship in the right direction. There is another way you can get $10,000 saving by this time next year…


Start an Online Business and create a second income.

It’s not hard. I will show you exactly how.

If you have a job already and some time each day to learn and implement new skills, this can be done.

And what is even more exciting is the idea that within 12 months, you can, if you follow our system, if you do what I tell you to do, if stick to the plan and don’t deviate….

You can have this 10k every month deposited into your bank account. When you leverage online systems and take consistent action – you simple use your own money to make more money. And this grows in time into passive income.


So To Recap:

To set goals for 2017.

1. Think deeply and Choose 4 goals that you want to achieve by this day in 2017.
2. Write them down in Detail.
3. Workout a Plan to get there that incorporates daily action. 30 day, 60 day, 90 day action plans..etc
4. Spend 10 mins – most mornings – Working on Your Goals. Visualise, picture, scrapbook, vision board and affirmations. Research online what it is you want.

And let this time next year be a time IMMENSE SATISFACTION.


You see if you haven’t gone anywhere this year its only because you haven’t steered the ship anywhere. You have literally programmed your life for more of the same.

Its not hard.

Set goals. Work on them every day without chopping and changing and you will get there. Its really just a matter of focus. Not talent. Not willpower. And not intelligence. Just FOCUS>


This kind of work should be fun too. This is what life is about.

Making stuff happen..


If you want the $10,000 a month reality to hit you this time next year and you are ready to work smarter then look at The Super Affiliate Network.

Its $1 to access the information.


Work Smart. Be Free.

And have a great year!

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