Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income is something that most people don’t experience. If you have ever investigated Robert Kiyosaki’s teaching on the difference between the rich and the poor you will know of the mindset of buying assets instead of working for someone else.


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Most people trade time for money: ie they work to earn. Rich people realise that you need to get something that can earn money for you while you sleep or while you socialise. Typically that kind of person will invest in assets that at some stage pay them a profit on their investment. Internet Marketing offers just that opportunity with much less of an outlay. The way passive income works online is that a person has sales funnels and systems in place that they either pay or dont pay to exist online 24/7. Picture this: You turn off your computer, your efforts go to work for you and make sales for you- while you sleep. Those ad’s and blogs and videos are ever present and WORK FOR YOU, rather than you having to work for them. They don’t need to be maintained other than checked every so often for optimisation. Little employees that work for free and never have to sleep!

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This video expains it better and more specifially it shows how this can be a godsend to the auditioning actor.


 Passive Income





 Passive Income




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