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When you are up in the air  flying comfortably in a plane, with no irritating persons nearby – you know the know it alls – that engage in conversation with a stranger next to them. They espouse all things about everything that concern their field of expertise – which is everything. When you don’t have that kind of annoyance and or sitting near an un-parented screaming child – economy class can be quite relaxing.


And when you do travel – you always feel sorry to come home.


Don’t want to come home?

Girl waiting for a plane

How about living The Laptop Lifestyle and staying away indefinitely?

When you work from a mobile computer device you really don’t have to be anywhere you don’t want to be.

Its all good.

Yes. You do need to earn enough to keep travelling.

So how much is that?



I am writing this on a plane flying back from Tasmania to mainland Australia after spending 10 days driving around with my family. We had so much fun. So many great little memories were created. So how much did we spend?

Well we lived pretty comfortably. Spent 4k. Family of 3. Yes we flew economy class – but who cares on a 1.5hr flight. Yes we stayed in 3 & 4 star accommodation and actually stayed in a lovely rented house in Hobart. Nice.

So if I was to keep doing this, I think I would need about 2k a week to be happy. If if I was on my own. That’s $1000 a week for accommodation. That’s $1000 a week for food and moving about costs. 2k a week. Which is 8k a month. The business plan that I am on with the SFM Digital Business is promising – after a period of hard work (different for everybody, depending on experience and time commitment) -12k a month every month, like clockwork.


The real magic though, and what separates this from any other profession or situation, is the work-from-no-office lifestyle. Every other job I can think of means at some stage YOU HAVE TO BE AT A CERTAIN PLACE AT A CERTAIN TIME. This one, you don’t. You market and sell products online and you don’t touch anything.


So with the 12k a month level that very soon I will be reaching, I will be all set.


I can spend 8k a month on travel. And I have a spare 2k a month for flights to new and exciting destinations and I have a further 2k to bank into my wealth account that builds my investment portfolio.


Wing of Plane

So I don’t have to come home.

Its just that for the last 20 yrs I have been in the one place…pretty much (except for 2 trips to Europe & 1 trip to the States.) I never imagined I would live a life like that. I actually wanted to spend 2 yrs at a time in one place and then move on to the next, until.

And the other thing to note. When people get diagnosed with cancer and this is true across the board, for the majority of people who get this terrible news, do you know what they do? They travel. They access their savings and they travel like there is no tomorrow. Because there may not be.



So I ask you would you like the ability to travel the world for the rest of your life, at your own pace? Maybe stopping for 6 months at a time at certain places and connecting with people? Maybe doing some small project with people. Maybe learning a new skill – like carpentry in Tuscany. Maybe bring your skiing up to scratch in Japan. Maybe studying art in Paris. Or maybe just go sit on a beach in Mauritius.


All of this is entirely possible if you build a business with the SFM System.

Apple Laptop



Click Here to find out more – The Laptop Lifestyle.


Go travel the world.



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