The Put Together Man #2

The Put Together Man #2

A model in a summer suit scrolling on his phone..It is a common misconception these days that women should get to have all the fun when it comes to style and grooming for men. The fact is that men deserve to feel and look their best at all times just as much as women do. If you have committed to making yourself look better, regardless of where you go, then you may be looking for some helpful yet simple grooming and beauty tips for men. Fortunately, if tips on beauty for men is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. We all need a little putting together sometimes..

Black and White picture of Steve ReevesBasic Grooming for Men
Most men do not do much in the way of grooming aside from getting a hair-cut every so often and perhaps shaving, though not all men do either of these things really well. The key to catching people’s eyes when you walk into the room is to be well-groomed – finished. This means not only having a great hair cut but ensuring that your facial hair is also well-trimmed.

When if comes to grooming for men, you may want to invest in a body hair groomer, if you do not have one already. A traditional razor blade is often too large and bulky to do any kind of real sculpting of the facial hair. Using a small barber clipper will work effective and you will use it often. Consider trying out some sharp and stylish facial hair, such as a goatee or even a mustache. This is engineering beauty for men and if you are bald or receding then sculpting facial hair and keeping head hair short, can really look sexy. The ethos here is that BEAUTY CAN BE AQUIRED. It will take a bit more time to maintain, but it will be worth it and satisfying. How much are you going to stand out, with a cropped facial beard that is not too long? It tells people that you look after details and you look after yourself. By extension that implies that you can look after yourself – you are a put together man!


The Put Together Man #2

Basic Beauty for Men

male shaving all over bodyWhile beauty for men are not expected to put as much into their beauty routines as women, there are still some basic products that should be in any well-dressed and attractive man’s possession at all times. This includes some kind of facial or acne wash, especially for those who suffer from breakouts. Since men typically do not use makeup to cover zits and blemishes, they must go to extra lengths to avoid getting them altogether. Your skin needs to be better than women’s in some ways. But really just cleansing and moisturising is enough. This coupled with impeccable grooming, water rich diet and cardio will result in beautiful skin for most men. This will make you into the Put Together Man in your sphere of influence.

When it comes to grooming for men, you should also not hesitate to get a manicure or pedicure done from time to time. Not only can this be a relaxing experience, but your hands and feet will feel and look amazing afterwards and the very act of doing it will make look at your presentation in a different light. Only have to do it once. I personally trim all my hair and nails at home with various equipment. I would even advocate trimming pubic hair to make oneself look attractive all over. In case you didn’t know, you can definitely shave the penis and scrotumwith foam and a new blade to make yourself more impressive…if you know what I mean. Check out methods on YouTube. Postmodern. But again, worth the effort if you want to try it and very much a part of the Put Together Man.

Basic Style Dressing for Men
Of course, dress is also important for  beauty for men. If you currently do not feel as though you have your own sense of style, consider getting ideas from a men’s style magazine or from online photos and then treat yourself to a shopping spree for a new and sharp look. I don’t think you should pay someone to makeover your wardrobe, unless you can afford it and want to do this as a one-off. I think this would cost the price of a pair of designer jeans that could lift your wardrobe so much more and put you well on the way to being the put together man. You can go to a big magazine store and look at 5/6 fashion magazines for ideas or just surf around on the net. If that seems totally unrelatable…then watch this video below for some inspiration. This is from a woman’s perspective and I can highly recommend her website and content. If only she could come to your wardrobe and do a makeover…



The Put Together Man #2



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