Quit the Rat Race

Quit the Rat Race


 Quit the Rat Race


Most office workers are working really hard just to maintain their jobs.

Many don’t even have the thought  “quit the rat race”.

The idea that they do in fact have a job and so will most likely not be re-trenched is FALSE. They have to prove themselves everyday and have to face a Performance Review at the end of the year. In these meetings they have to prove what they have done through the year is amazing. This means that the people who excel in this system are the ones who can sell their work the best. It becomes a negotiation and a tug of war for how little the employee can settle on for the Price of Their Work, Their Soul. When you don’t know your options in life, you have only one option. Suck it up and work for the man.


Quit the Rat Race

EXAMPLE – Sydney Morning Herald – Feb 10, 2015

Corporate life was like the proverbial hamster wheel for financial controller Hally Rhiannon-Nammu. She was working around the clock only to be rewarded with low pay and little chance of promotion.

“I went into the corporate world because I was extremely ambitious and wanted money as well as respect,” Rhiannon-Nammu says. “I worked my way up and found out the truth about the ‘glass ceiling’. I was working 80 hour weeks for peanuts.” Trapped in a job she hated, Rhiannon-Nammu wanted out. But she didn’t know how to make the first move. “It was very hard to get out because it was all I knew,” she says. “I lacked confidence in running my own business. I recall going to one of my directors with all of these ideas on how to streamline the sales department and increase productivity and he turned to me and said, ‘The day you are a director of your own company is the day you get to do this,’ and in that moment I decided I would one day have my own company.”


If this sounds like you or similar to you and you are STUCK in a job you hate, you really should change. Life is too short to be dreading your days or living in denial. Face up to your life. You have options.



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The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is the company I have learnt from and they offer complete training and a platform to start and run your own business –

  • even with no experience
  • even with no products to sell
  • even with no big bank loan


Quit the Rat Race

Do you feel miserable and lack confidence?

Well may be you would if you spent all your time making someone else rich and had to justify yourself all the time just to get a raise. Maybe you would if you were constantly looking over your shoulder at the people who should be your friends and thinking that they are competitors. Because they are.


Are you stuck because you have a big mortgage to pay it off?

Well you would if you are living in a first world city and you tried to climb the corporate ladder rather than trying to build something on your own. You get stuck in a dependent situation. Prices rise and you dream of playing the property market. Which is GOOD. But what happens if it crashes? What happens if you don’t have the energy to renovate on the weekend? What if you are tired and just want to relax with friends? “If I just stay in this job then I can pay my mortgage…eventually. And if I break out then i won’t have regular income? Right? Well, no. With the SFM Business you are encouraged to stay in your job for another 6 months and build your business in your spare time until it has replaced your income. Then Quit The Rat Race!


Do you not know where to start and just wish someone would show you step by step?

The SFM mentioned has a training program before you open the doors on your Internet Business. You have to go through all the modules and then an implementation faze where you get to learn from your mistakes. This faze however allows you to earn money while you are going through this. This stage can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending how much time you commit to it. But what course enables you to start earning some money while you learn the trade and get educated?


Boss Spying

Quit the Rat Race…do you think your boss wants you reading this? Back to work now. Don’t step out of the box – even though they want you to think outside the box!!! There’s an irony for you. Where is your creativity going?


“People start asking themselves things such as, ‘Is this it?’ and ‘Is this all I’m ever going to do?’”




You don’t need to suffer anymore. You can run your own internet marketing business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection. Because everything you doing, selling and connecting with is Digital and your market is international. I have clients on my list from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. And thats just because I have targeted those countries.


Quit The Rat Race – Open your mind to whats possible.

Watch the video on this page – CLICK HERE


Work Smart. Be Free.




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