Separate Time From Money

Separate Time From Money


When you work a job – you trade your time for the money they pay you. Want more money, get better at what you do and serve better. Add value. Ask for a raise at the Christmas party. Meanwhile the company – of which you are a part of – sells products and makes profits. They don’t offer themselves to a marketplace in terms of hours. They use your hours to build something that can be SCALED UP and expanded for bigger and bigger profits. They can only do this if they have hard working resources (employees) that build their companies. If these employees get-jack-of-this and walk out – then their profits come under threat.


Separate Time from money


Property Developers are arseholes. Why do i say that? Because the ones that are trading in my city of Sydney, are doing a terrible job of building a better city. They take prime inner city land and build apartment buildings as if we all want to live on top of one another. I have news for you. We don’t. But the money they can make can and does run into the millions with just one new tower of sardines – an apartment building. They don’t give a damn about the density of living, of the traffic jams, of the stress they are creating and also of the wealth they are diminishing of the people next to their development sites. Often they steal views, steal pleasantness of living and sustainability of the properties around them which absolutely reduces the $$ and net worth of their neighbours. They are effectivey stealing money from people. And the council just accepts it and agrees because they get their pockets lined too with under the table pay-days that are just plain corrupt. Now these property developers (arseholes) do you think they want to trade their time for money? NO SIR. They trade the level of risk they are willing to put themselves under for money. They borrow, build and sell. And the bigger the project the more money they are almost guarranteed to make.


Separate Time From Money

Don’t be a Schmuck.

One thing that I decided to do when i decided to Create a Digital Business for myself, was to stop being a victim. Stop believing the lie and perpetuating other people’s success. If you work for someone then you are making them rich, not you. And the only way they can repeatedly make money is if you stay in that fear of branching out on your own and keep turning up to work and working your guts out. Well, you do have a family to feed…don’t you?




Seriously guys, it doesn’t. You can start a Digital Business yourself and start trading money – for more money. The thing about the internet is that if you want to expand a marketing funnel that is working, is delivering a profit, you can expand it at will. You will never run out of customers. And you can reach them at the light speed of digital technology. That means you can realistically Separate Time from Money.


They are two different things.


When you realise that you need to make money while you sleep, then you will fully get this. With systems on the internet you can have Ads selling for you 24/7 365 days a year. They can make money for you while you are at the gym. While you are getting a haircut. While you are having sex.

Couple having sex


While you are having a great meal with your best friends. While you are watching your favourite TV show on Netflix. All the while you are making new leads and making sales. And the more money you make, the more you can scale that business. Time never comes into it. It gives you time back. It gives you time that you were born to decide what to do with.


Many people are working longer and harder with less and less security. It is not fair. These companies and the men at the top are making a fortune and it is just plain exploitation.

Have the Guts to Break Free.

Running your own small business? Working a cafe or shop so you can be your own boss? Well thats cool but you are still trading time for money. You still have to be there to make money. You still have to open the doors 6/7 days a week.

Separate Time From Money



Life is short.

When you realise that you only have so many years, you want to live them right. Build your own Digital Business that you run on the internet and gives you more and more time freedom the more it grows.

Take the time to learn Digital Marketing. And claim your right to a life of freedom.





Work Smart. Be Free.




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