Computers could take your job

A member of mine has just been made redundant. Just like that.

A young woman in her 20’s and a lovely person. She is being kicked out of her apartment today and she is not yet struggling enough to be entitled to welfare or rent assistance. Welcome to America.

But more importantly – Welcome to 2017 & beyond – everywhere in the world.

Here is an example from OUR household – just this week.

My partner has just taught at a nice inner city school for the last year. She has done such an outstanding job that parents have been telling her that she is so good and their child is so happy and progressing now that their child has this new teacher.


But wait.

She now has to re-write her job application for this job and she has to sit through another interview process.  AGAIN.

Even more worrying, she has learnt from a lady in admin that 60 CANDIDATES HAVE APPLIED FOR HER JOB!

This is just how the job market is nowadays. Permanency is plummeting.

Everyone is on a casual contract and that means you can sacked at the drop of a hat. Or at turn of a new technology.

Your job is not safe.

If you still doubt this or JUST want a glimpse into the future…


When you are done with the overwhelm. I have good news..

The more you can build new digital skills (that will increase in the new economy) and the more you can build another source of income – the safer you will be and the more money you can make. Because there will be more and more people wanting to build businesses from home. That means if you sell to that market you will ride The Digital Gold Rush.


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