Signpost Marketing



Have you ever noticed that in using the Internet, wether its on your phone, I-pad, laptop or desktop; that is very easy to get distracted. Or more accurately, its really difficult to stay on task for any length of time?

Our modern digital world is proliferated with some kind of signpost marketing ready to steer you down a certain path and as Internet Marketers we are actively cultivating those signposts to steer people to our products. If you are proud of what it is you are promoting, proud of what you are selling, then there is every reason to notice how much your customers are BOMBARDED with advertising daily and not feel guilty in steering Traffic to your site, your products. Best way to do that is to know what kind of selling you personally appreciate.

Maybe its a soft sell. Maybe its free information. Maybe its classy banners. Maybe its just not treating you like an idiot. Maybe its not in your face, cheap and nasty spam! If you pursue the kind of marketing that you personally would be attracted to, you will stand out from the crowd. Most marketing out there has the unconcious seed that they are trying to take advantage of you. Everyone does it. Whatever everyone else is doing, you just do the opposite. Whatever hasn’t been done, can be done – with creativity and flair.


Do Different

What ever it takes can me summed up in the expression – respect your customers.

So in your next your next marketing decision, respect your customer and add value, so when they get distracted and click on your link, it is worth their while, and gives internet marketing a better name.


Gil Balfas


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