Social Media for Newbies

Social Media for Newbies


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Social media is a vital tool in Internet Marketing. If you’re looking for new ways to drive traffic to your website, then social media marketing may be the thing for you. We don’t know exactly how much emphasis a search engine places on any one factor, but this is definitely one of the more important ranking factors. Some SEO professionals speculate it isn’t quite as important as backlinks, but everyone agrees it definitely has a major role. If you’ve already run a link campaign and are looking to take the next step in promoting your site, then social Internet Marketing is the right thing for you.

It’s about distribution of your content. If you understand the very patterns in the world wide web, you will appreciate the endless possibilities to drive traffic. Like a spider’s web, each site can be inter-linked with other site.

Social Media for Newbies

Social marketing can be done on any of the major websites – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pintrest, and YouTube, to name a few. You might not think of some of those sites when you hear the phrase “social media marketing,” but each site on that list has millions of users who actively share content that can link to your website. Promoting your brand on social networks has the effect of driving traffic straight to your site form these networks, as well as increasing your rank in search engine indexes because of the additional backlinks. So thereby you gain the benefits of SEO ranking and backlinks; indeed the two lead to the same thing.


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Many larger companies have dedicated marketing and social network people. Smaller companies can hire a marketing agency to take care of their Internet Marketing needs, or they can do it on their own. If you’re looking to run your own social network pages, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Regular updates are important, but you don’t want to annoy users. Share relevant content about your brand. Promotions, sales, and other events make great status updates or Tweets. Engaging content that asks for user responses is also great for social networks. Have a think about a comments system on your website; perhaps linked to a Facebook platform. Getting feedback from users can solidify the credibility of your site. Its called social proof and you would know yourself that this is what is forefront in your mind when you are looking around for answers on the internet.

It takes a while for any website to become established and get a steady flow of traffic. Once you start marketing on social networks, you’ll see a steady increase of visitors. The frequency that social networks drive traffic to your site somewhat depends on how often you update your pages. If you keep active, engaging pages, customers will be happy to follow you, and you’ll effectively get free advertising.

Free advertising. Thats what this is all about. By harnessing multiple social medias’ you are getting a free business. Thats the power of the internet. You can build  business with very little capital outlay because basically technology has out run our ability to control it and monopolise it. Obviously there is such a thing as paid advertising, but the ever growing number of social media sites on the internet allows Free Promotion. Promotion that can be controlled to a large extent.

Start distributing links, blogs and posts through social medias’ and you will find a numbers to your site permanently increased.

Social Media for Newbies

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