Something Better


I am happy


What if there was Something Better? Out there for you? Its lovely question to entertain and one that separates the dreamers from the realists. But for me this question was a Cry For Help. Do you feel this need to find something better for you?


I was frustrated with acting in Sydney, Australia. All the auditions I was getting were for commercials and I did not spend 4 years studying acting at theatre school to go for commercials. Add to that the fact that I would hardly ever get them. Then the other day I sat next to a kid who was to play my son in the audition and he had done 20 commercials in 2 years and he is 14!. He had never gone to acting school.


This made me feel like my life didn’t matter.


This frustration lead me to search for having my own business. To make my own way. I found Stuart Ross – my mentor on this header – and he showed me how I can earn my own living online and not have to answer to a boss or go to work at certain location. Total Freedom. Watch this video below. This is what jumped out at me. If you are interested click the link under the video to learn more about having your own Internet Business and empowering your life as I have mine.




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Work Smart. Be Free.

2 thoughts on “Something Better”

  1. Polu kali prospathia bravo padiia! Omologw oti den anikw stous psifoforous tou k. Varvagianni oute kai ston politiko komma pou eixe stiriksei autin tin dhmotikh kinisi alla mesa apo auti tin suzitisi mporesa na ton gnwrisw ligo kalutera kai mporw na pw mexri oti ton sumpathisa. Diakrinw mia agnotita kai ena romantismo stis protheseis tou, stoixeia pou leipoun polu apo tous politikous mas. An skopeuei na sunexisei na asxoleitai me ta koina tha ton sumvouleva se ayta ta stoixeia na prosthesei kai ligo perissotero dunamismo kai apofasistikotita wste to orama tou na mporei na pernei sarka kai osta.

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