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Why start an online business?

Um…We Live in the Age of the Entrepreneur..

My partner is thinking, after a long period of skepticism of My SFM Business, she is thinking of starting a photography business – selling it online. Her Instagram account is going off, because she is using her camera more and more because she did a photography course. She has a natural talent and can just take great pictures without thinking about it. But significantly, the Internet is offering her as big an audience that she can capture. She doesn’t need ONE PERSON to say yes to her so she can get started. She can grow a business organically – on her own worth. Not on who her friends are.


The regular job has no security anymore and so many of us are being made irrelevant by a new piece of technology. And this is why we Live in the Age of the Entrepreneur. The age of the individual business person that creates his/her own market – to sell his/her own stuff OR…somebody else’s like me.. Its tIme for YOU to jump on the internet & sell your wares. You can sell to whole world and get set up for so much cheaper than a regular bricks & mortar business.

Everyone is doing it. Its the safest thing you can do.


So how do you start an online business?

Click this Link  – to find Out how you can get started.


But If you still have doubts…

If you think you can’t do it or maybe its risky…

Then Watch the Video below from Robert Kiyosaki – famed author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He talks about how a Network Marketing business – which I can help you with – is the best and cheapest new business proposition right now. You probably know someone who has just started their own business recently and 100% the internet is how they want to find & nurture customers.




Click Here to find out how to get started.


Work Smart, Be Free.



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  1. Wow…..great to see that skepticism is giving way to realisation. Online business is the era of entrepreneurs. Great post, short sweet & to the point. Intriguing…..look forward to your next post blog

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