Staying Focussed

Staying Focussed.

Have you ever honestly looked at your actions and conceded that in fact YOU have contributed to your failed outcomes. The hallmark of success is the ability to concentrate on a given task over time, despite all obstacles. All of us have been exposed to goal setting and the possibilities they open up. Many times we buy something and say well, “Its Ok” I will save from now on and actually pay for that item with a more frugal existence from now on! I don’t know about you but I have done this with cars, clothes, courses, trips overseas, and perhaps more importantly, with time.

I have said ok Gil, today I will take it easy and not build towards my goal, but tommorrow I will be up at 5am, go to the gym and I will work 12/14 hrs a day from next monday on. I will. I will. I entertain all the benefits I will receive from these actions and when Monday comes around….I take action. BUT then by Wednesday, I have slipped into old patterns of procrastination, stalling and waiting.




Staying Focussed

The hallmark of sociopath is one in who – without faltering – moves toward what they want with no regard to their surroundings or the societal impact. The sociopath, in a career setting, often get places and fast. Now I am not saying that you have to be a Sociopath to achieve your dreams, but wouldn’t it be great if the average people loving people, like yourself, could tap into that kind of FOCUS for periods of time to get things done and succeed when you want to? Many CEO‘s have sociopathic tendencies. To take action in one direction without stopping…

This mindset can be developed and can help you build your online business. This mindset can accelerate success so quickly that your spouse wont question your ‘new venture’ and just TRUST YOU when you want to spend more and more time on it. Quick results, builds belief.


I have recently had a blueprint in front of me to build a business, that only needed relentless daily action and I have not followed it. I got DISTRACTED into a quicker, easier way. I got lured into another system that eventually turned out to be a turkey. Many online opportuniites are bogus and warrant sceptism. Many will work, if you stay on them and don’t get distracted. But that requires relentless goal-orientated “online clicking”. Why cant we have some of that devil may care (for a period of time) to get things done. Because why? Why do we falter. We doubt, we question, we think something else can bring us more pleasure than following through. We falter because we lack belief. Belief that what we are doing will work. Or we falter because we think its unethical. That others will suffer. Truth be told. Only we suffer when we dont follow through.


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